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How to age quickly.

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    How to age quickly.

    Hi all.
    Absolutely over the moon,dead chuffed......but feeling older on the news.!!!!

    I became a Great Granddad in the early hours,,,but not without some worry.
    My Granddaughter gave birth to a lovely little boy,,,,,,but he was 6 weeks early and weighing 4lb.

    Baby was showing some distress,as was mother,,,so it was into hospital smartish, and C section.

    Granddaughter and baby both OK,,,baby in an incubator and will be in hospital for a few weeks yet.

    After having two daughters,two granddaughters and a grandson,,,,the little lad will give back some power to us men.

    Unfortunately she lives in Leicester,and we are going away for a few days,so it will be a while before we see him.
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    Congratulations JC!

    I hope mother and baby are right as rain soon and fully recovered!
    Duncan S

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      Many congratulations on becoming a Great Grandad and to your Grandaughter on the safe arrival of her baby boy, I know from experience that an emergency C section is very scary. Wishing the new arrival a healthy and happy future.
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        Congratulations, 4lb is small, both our kids were 5lb and started off in incubators, now both look down on us parents.
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          Hi JC

          Congratulations on becoming a great grandad and wish your daughter & grandson well.

          I know a little of how you feel (although not a great grandad yet) having had the addition over the past year, of both an adopted granddaughter and grandson to our family, but without going through both the joy and also the worry that birth creates. Ours were both 6 months old at adoption, although 11 months difference in age.

          Ours both live within a 10 minute drive of our home, so we see them both regularly and at a time when I appear to be aging rapidly, they certainly are adding a new lease of life to both my wife and myself.

          All the best to you and your family.
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            Lovely news. Congrats to you and your family.


              Congrats, glad it all turned out well
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                Congratulations you old phart..and best wishes to both parents and baby.



                  Congratulations JC, glad to hear they are both on the mend. Best wishes to you all .................................................. ..........Carol


                    Congratulations JC all the best to baby,mum and of course yourself, a moment to be treasured becoming a Great Grandad.


                      Congrats Great Grandpa. I take it he'll be a rugby supporter!
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                        Many congratulations to everyone JC.

                        Is the train set on order ?



                          Hi JC

                          What a pleasant change to get some good news from you!!! :-)

                          Congratulations to all concerned.

                          My grand kids presently live in Cyprus as my son is on active duty there, but will return to Andover in the summer. A wee bit nearer, but handier for Southampton.



                            Again, congratulations JC and we'll pray for his safekeeping.

                            He'll have no choice Mrs M. Knowing JC he'll have his name down already for Leigh Centurions mini rugby and the 'Young Pioneers'

                            Cheers OSD
                            Our cruising days are over now.................


                              Congrats JC ,still waiting for my 2 eldest grandsons to do me the honour,


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