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Where should the cut the NHS.

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    Family planning and sexual health services are important - prevention and quick treatment is much more effective and cheaper


      Don't think anybody would object to contributing more to the health service, providing

      a) They were 100% certain it was all going to the NHS.

      b) It was not being spent on excessive administration

      c) It was not being spent on non essential cosmetic treatments.

      Think the cost to means test prescription charges would out weigh the savings.

      Mind you with Boris's extra £350 million per week from Brexit, there should be no need to restrict free prescriptions or the need of extra taxes.

      No I do not believe there is a long drawn out plan for the the death of the NHS, but I do think a major overhaul of hospital administration needs to happen.
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        I suspect that anyone under 40 will live to see a dramatic change to NHS funding, the "traditional" NHS will provide GP and general health care and an insurance top up scheme will be introduced to cover elective surgery and that will be everything from hip replacements to cataracts.

        THe current funding gap can be attributed to the PFI costs that impact the NHS, governments of all colours have embraced the concept and the piblic like the nice new hospitals but now the bills are here.


          Excessive, poor, ineffective and wasteful administration could save the NHS £billions if it was sorted out. It would take me too long to list the atrocious admin I've suffered and if it wasted as much time for the NHS as it has for me over the last few years they wouldn't need topping up with more money. The main problem with the NHS is that no government is brave enough to tackle the waste because they know the public would be outraged because the opposition would say they were killing the NHS.


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