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Internet access on Aurora?

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    Internet access on Aurora?

    Hi all,
    I'm getting ready for my second cruise, this time P&O Eastern Med from Southampton on 20/8. I've searched everything I can think of but can't find any reference to internet access on board Aurora. As I plan on doing a lot of reading (ebooks) I would like to know if I can get more if I run out! Any suggestions would be welcomed, thanks.
    Seany Fitz (not the banker)

    Yes internet accesss is available and there is the Cyber Room next to the Crows Nest with computers and also some in the library. The cost is quite high at 50p/min and very slow, although it is slightly cheaper if you buy a package.


      If you are going to download anything on a cruise ship I recommend you advise your Bank Manager and the Bailiffs. People have run up bills into thousands of pounds downloading stuff on cruise ships, it really is a no no.

      Generally speaking you are talking internet speeds well below the old dial up connections so heed the warning.


        Thanks, Wilba. At least I know now to avoid it like the plague! You've helped me to make up my mind to really take a break and go incommunicado for the duration. S.


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