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British boy drowns on Independence of the Seas

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    British boy drowns on Independence of the Seas

    27th May:

    A six-year-old boy from the United Kingdom was found unconscious in the pool onboard Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas earlier Tuesday.

    The boy was was air lifted in serious condition to a hospital in Brest, France after he was found in cardiac arrest at the bottom of the pool, according to officials in Brest.

    "The child was found in a state of cardio-respiratory arrest at the bottom of the ship's pool," said Yann Bouvard, a spokesman for the maritime prefecture in the port of Brest.

    Shortly before 2:00pm (12:00 GMT), sea rescue services were requested and a helicopter was sent to the ship that was in the Atlantic.

    Two hours later, the child was transferred to the Morvan hospital in Brest where his condition was described as "grave".

    (Source: RCI Unofficial blog)
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    How sad, that's awful............................................. ....................Carol


      How awful.

      My condolences to everyone especially to the family members accompanying the child.



        What a terrible thing to happen, and in the middle of the day when there must have been people around. Just shows, you can't take your eyes off kids.


          Very sad news to read but he is ashore getting treatment and has a chance!! of recovering ,Swimming pools for children are dangerous places with so many people jumping & diving in it only takes one collision to send someone to the bottom of the pool where they are difficult to see. The notices at swimming pools are there for a reason but we have all seen those that chose to ignore them!!.


            How awful,just shows,you cant let your guard down for a minute where children are concerned,My thoughts to the family. Jan.


              A very sad case. However, he has not drowned (the dictionary definition is to die by immersion in water). He is still alive and there is hope.


                Quite chilling. Its sent chills down my back thinking about it. Lots of questions, how crowded was the pool, did someone jump ontop of him, where were the parents, who was watching him, etc etc.


                  How absolutely tragic, water is fun but also potentially extremely dangerous and it only takes a second to get into difficulties. My thoughts are with the child's family and everyone involved in his rescue.
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                    Originally posted by Mike48, Southampton View Post
                    A very sad case. However, he has not drowned (the dictionary definition is to die by immersion in water). He is still alive and there is hope.
                    That confused me as well - I thought the boy had died too.



                      If it was cardiac arrest then it may have been an underlying condition, and nothing to do with the pool. Fingers crossed that the boy recovers.
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                        Travelmole's coverage of this story ...

                        British boy fighting for his life after being found at the bottom of cruise ship pool

                        A six-year-old British boy is fighting for his life after being found unconscious at the bottom of a swimming pool on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas.

                        According to reports, the young boy was found at the bottom of one of the main outdoor pools on the ship as it sailed by the Breton coast yesterday.

                        The boy was pulled from the water and ship's on-board doctor carried out CPR and managed to get the boy's heart beating again.

                        Emergency services were called and took the boy to hospital in Brest where he is reported to be in a serious condition.

                        He was travelling with his parents on the ship, which had left Southampton on Sunday for six-night trip across western Europe.

                        Royal Caribbean has yet to comment.

                        The incident is likely to spark another debate about whether cruise ships should employ lifeguards for their on board pools.

                        "In our view, there is no excuse not to assign lifeguards to cruise ship pools," said cruise lawyer Jim Walker today.

                        "The costs is minimal and the need is substantial. Yes, parents need to supervise their children but cruise lines need to exercise their corporate responsibility to supervise the pools, enforce pool rules, and be ready to perform CPR if necessary."

                        In the last year, four children aged six or under have drowned or nearly drowned in pools on the ships of major cruise lines.

                        In February of this year, a four-year old drowned on a Florida-bound Norwegian Cruise ship.

                        Afterwards, the NCL Facebook page drew thousands of comments from people questioning why there is a lack of lifeguards in the cruise industry.

                        However a sizable number of posts also noted the incident took place in an adult only pool, reiterating the need for parental supervision.

                        Last October a young boy drowned in a swimming pool on a Carnival cruise ship and just days later, Disney Cruise Line announced it would have lifeguards at all family pools in its four-ship fleet.


                          I picked this up from the other site:


                          I'm inboard as well

                          Those at the C&A cocktail party last night had a debrief from the captain before things got underway.

                          The child was conscious when he left the ship.

                          The alarm was raised by other children in the pool and the child was pulled out by adult passenger, 2 of whom had medical training and started a recovery immediately. The ships medical response team were on hand very quickly. There is no doubt that the actions if all involved saved the boys life.

                          The French CG dispatched two helicopters - one took the casualty and the other took the family - it returned and took more passengers off about an hour later. I assume these were extended family.

                          The boys condition was described by the captain as serious but stable........

                          END OF QUOTE

                          (Source : Whitelighter on cc)

                          Wishing everyone involved the very best.



                            Oh, the poor family....I pray that the young boy recovers.
                            We were on the cruise before, and it was too cold for much swimming, although some families did go in, then straight to the hot tubs. We thought that the pools seemed rather deep for children, but there is a kiddies' pool as well.
                            There were more than 1,000 children registered on Indy for the half term cruise this week, and overall the most people ever checking in at Southampton for one ship.


                              According to todays Mail, the lad had an heart attack, he is still in intensive care in a French hospital , his family are with him..Taffy


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