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A haul of gold coins 30.1.13

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    A haul of gold coins 30.1.13

    Builders find stash in Irish Pub dating back to the 17th century.

    The coins are mainly guineas, with a small number of half-guineas, the name given to a British gold coin made by the Royal Mint between 1663 and 1814.

    They were called guineas because the gold used to make some of them came from West Africa.

    Could it have been tax evasion? Brown might have had some of them printed if we had some gold. Instead he had to make do with counterfeit notes.

    I wonder how much a guinea or half-guinea would be worth today?

    I could do with a haul of gold coins. Good luck to them, I hope their worth a lot............................................... ..Carol


      I'd be down to cash for gold straight away and book another cruise with the money.


        They need to be very careful because they may find an army of angry Leprechauns after them ... bejabbers


          Just been checking out the prices for gold sovereigns. If they are 9 carat a full sovereign is worth £225.00 and a half sovereign is worth £112.50. But maybe the ones that were found were 22 carat gold? If so they would be worth more.


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