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Couple arrested for not paying tips!

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    don't think so.....

    Originally posted by Aplmac, Barbados View Post
    If you'll scroll up to the top of this webpage
    and you'll notice a small link
    (your arrow turns into the little hand with the finger?)
    named User Profile.

    Click on User Profile and you're taken to a control panels page
    whereby you can access all sorts of fun stuff like..
    Edit Your Details
    Edit Profile Picture
    Edit Options
    Edit Avatar
    Edit Signature

    Time to get busy -play around and see what goes where!
    Get yourself that Pro look in an hour or so!
    ok,tried and failed,but will keep at it thanks. i now appear to be a deck hand though.
    I'd rather be in my cosy bed !!!!!!!!:p


      Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      it worked,i don't believe i didn't screw up. next stop-an upgrade from deck hand. thank you:D
      I'd rather be in my cosy bed !!!!!!!!:p


        For a moment there, I was beginning to think...

        Originally posted by suzyq, west scotland View Post
        it worked,i don't believe i didn't screw up.
        --next stop-an upgrade from deck hand.
        thank you :D ===> U're very welcome!
        You'd rather be in your cosy bed??
        Dear oh dear, child!

        Imagination: you must use it, dear!

        So glad you've discovered this little collection of controls.
        Keep playing with them! You can add/improve
        all sorts of facets to your online cruise persona
        on these boards.

        Cruise Ships - Profile Ticker


          I like being a ships cat - no responsibility!


            Had the same problem in a Tony Romas rib house in Orlando Florida, parties of eight or more had an automatic gratuity of 15% added to their tab, we went in as four parties of two at the same table, we had our own seperate tabs but the cheeky b*****s put the automatic 15% gratuity on each seperate bill because we were sitting together !! If we had been a genuine party of eight, then we would have accepted the charge, after all, it was clearly displayed on the menu, and if we did not like this we could have left without eating, but we were four seperate couples. When we questioned why we were being charged the automatic gratuity when it clearly did not apply, we were told that they get a lot of brits in the place in large family parties ( hardly surprising on Orlando ) and they never leave a large enough tip. We pointed out that most brit families find it hard enough to find the money to take their families to Orlando, let alone feed them for the duration AND leave what is for a brit a very large tip. We were accused of trying to avoid paying the gratuity, threatened with the cops, and asked to leave, and never darken their doorway again.
            No problems there then !!! Spent a LOT of money since in Cracker barrel, Red lobster, and a few more very good places.We have always had excellent service, and never had any problems with the tip!! Never been back to a Tony Moaners since, their loss, not ours!! The moral to this sad tale is Dont take crap from places like this, and vote with your feet. For every bad place their are many more good ones!!!


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