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Still feel the embarrassment.

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    I remember it well!

    [QUOTE=Guy, Ormskirk; ................................ I was holding onto my OH so that unbalanced him and he slipped over and his pale grey suit was pebbled dashed with mud and sheep poo!:o You could hear the muffled laughter .................................... /QUOTE]

    Carol - I remember the occasion well. :D
    (I was the one who wasn't laughing! ;))



      Originally posted by Peterlg, Halifax View Post
      I've put unleaded in a diesel car, but I'm fairly sure I'm not alone in that.


        Harvey, thank you for not laughing but you were the only one NOT!!..:oCarol


          An American lady onboard the QM2 phoned the purser and said she cannot find the way out of her cabin:

          He said: "Madam, can you see the bed" she said "Yes"
          He said "Can you see the dressing table next to the bed", she said "Yes"
          He said "can you see the wardrobe next to the dressing table" she said "Yes"
          He said "can you see the door", she said "Yes, but I cannot open it".
          He said "why not?"
          She said it has a 'Do not Disturb' sign on it.

          (If it's not apocryphal it's very embarassing!)
          See my cruise blog: HERE


            That sort of reminded me of our only cruise on Ocean Village. Opposite our son's cabin was a door with a notice on it saying "This door must be kept permanently closed". My immediate thought - not much point having a door then!
            A bit like "This page has been deliberately left blank" - no it hasn't!


              Peterlg my favourite is signs that say , 'this sign not in use' - yes it is!..Carol


                Two things spring to mind :- We were at a summer event sitting at tables on garden chairs and listening to an awful opera singer. We decided to leave quietly, OH pushed his chair back, but the back legs gor stuck in the grass, he got his trouser leg stuck on the front chair leg and he and chair tipped over backwards into a heap. To the great amusement of our table mates this collapse came at the ONLY quiet moment in the aria, so it was somewhat spoiled by the hysterical giggling coming from my OH on the floor! Oddly enough we haven't been invited again. The second incident also involved a chair. We were in one of those garden centres that is more like a furnishing store and OH (again) decided to try out a blow-up pouffy type chair. When I looked for him a second later he'd gone. I walked away but then heard a very quiet little voice whispering "Help". The chair had overturned with him in it and he was wedged upside down between two other more solid bits of furniture. Just wished I'd had a camera! We couldn't move for laughing - the funniest thing was that he was calling help in such a tiny voice so as not to attract attention.


                  Oh Flamenca, had such a laugh reading your post :D.


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