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Norwegian Sun hits iceberg

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    Norwegian Sun hits iceberg


    Originally posted by Southampton, Mike48 View Post
    Yes - it was across all the Youtube bloggers last night.



      I read this on a different site.

      It sounds more spectacular and disastrous than I believe it was. The iceberg was in fact a growler. One of the small pieces of ice that falls away from the face of glaciers. The ship was in the vicinty of the Hubbard Glacier, one of the standard scenic calls on many Alaska cruises. Anyone who has sailed by a glacier will know that there are growlers and small bergie bits as they are called in the water.
      Thats not the same as the larger, very tall and heavier icebergs that are found in Arctic and Antarctic waters or in winter (think Titanic).

      We were once on a cruise to Greenland - in August. The highlight was to have been a call into Illilusat, at the mouth of one of the main glaciers. The bay is renowned for its plentiful and huge icebergs. When nearing the port the fog came down and the Captain announced we werent going anywhere but remained at anchor in the hope tnat things might clear. We sat it out. Some pax were inside watching films etc. Many of us settled on deck as oddly the sun was shining. We were rewarded with an ice bow, the sun reflecting a ring of ice crystals. Eventually visibility did clear but too late for us to land. Tbe Captain said he would sail around the bay for us to see the icebergs. Wow. What a sight. Massve lumps of ice in weird and wonderful shapes from erosion and colours all around us. After initial annoyance as well as disappointment at the Captains action there was a realisation and and admiration of why. Later a printout of the radar picture of the ships route through the berg passage was left in cabins.


        Pleased nobody was harmed.


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