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    No 😁 no 😮 no 😎


      Originally posted by Nichola Beveridge, Dunfermline View Post
      No 😁 no 😮 no 😎
      Good luck with that.

      The FM announced today that mandatory masks will remain in Scotland 'for some time'.

      Scotland is moving to level 0 but the rules (inside and outside) will not permit a 'family bunfight'



        school data out


        School contacts go up isolations go up cases in kids go up

        The respiratory outbreaks in schools are at record levels.

        I can see what Boris is up to

        Remove restrictions, schools shut down, testing of kids will stop and numbers might go down as well due to reduced contact.

        Removing restrictions works.......till Sept.

        New case data tomorrow be interested what the distributions will be.


          When did Scottish schools finish?
          When did cases start dropping?

          Anyone done the age breakdowns for Scotland?

          What a mess the mask policy is across the UK.


            Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post
            When did Scottish schools finish?
            When did cases start dropping?

            Anyone done the age breakdowns for Scotland?

            What a mess the mask policy is across the UK.
            Here you go:
            Daily COVID-19 Cases in Scotland - Daily Case Trends By Age and Sex - Scottish Health and Social Care Open Data (nhs.scot)

            Usual age group culprits.

            School holidays started Jun 25. Re-open Aug 16.

            Cases have dropped in last week.



              Shut schools 2 weeks later cases start dropping........


                Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post
                As we open up more there are going to be a lot of people giving up on the masks and other social measure.
                (Some have started already in the places I frequent)

                The current data which is climbing but still lower than the previous peek hides an important part of the picture as age matters

                Looking at last weeks data and the rates per 100k for the age groups.
                (28 June and 04 July 2021)

                For each age group what is the rate now( per 100k compared to the highest week between W40 and W10, most of the peaks were over the Xmas break ~W53
                0 to 4 5 to 9 10 to 19 20 to 29 30 to 39 40 to 49 50 to 59 60 to 69 70 to 79 80+ 60+
                39.72% 107.86% 118.78% 65.43% 32.54% 28.42% 18.59% 13.09% 11.24% 4.47% 10.37%

                if you compare that to the vaccine up take for each group you can draw your own conclusions.

                case rates have gone up a lot since this data set so will be interesting what the trends are.
                I have redone this with a graph to show trends.
                Thurs release does upto weekend before schools closing.

                Need to do some checks on the spreadsheet's before posting.

                if right in that week 10-19 age group went to over double the previous peak.

                This is with testing in schools in place so that did a load of good.

                Also ~30% were off secondary school the shutdown had started

                going to be interesting were thing go now.

                We have schools closed, pinggate with loads isolating, freedom day, ping exemptions coming.

                Would be nice if published the trial events data to see what impact that had.

                Scotland numbers still dropping.

                There is a very worry increase in care homes getting outbreaks of Covid..


                  I left it a couple of weeks to get more data which comes out Thursday for w/e the previous Sunday

                  This is up to Sunday 1st Aug


                  the age data is buried in the spreadsheet(3rd for each set)

                  Graph of rates per 100k as a % of the peak rate for that age group in the wave late last year

                  For a finer breakdown for each education year the graphs page is quite good.


                  The daily dashboard data is showing a levelling of as the 7 day rate of change has been rising since the steep drop


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