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    Hi all
    Being Diabetic I have never had a piece of chocolate for 41 years,,,don’t eat biscuits,,,eat plates of vegetables with chicken or fish,,rarely eat red meat.
    Hardly ever eat pasta and never eat rice (don’t like it),,if I have potato’s with my tea I have 2 the size of small eggs.
    I have no more than 150g of carbohydrates a day (1 small round of bread=10g).
    Never eat puddings,,just have a yoghurt.

    And yet,,,,on 1st Feb last year I was a fat 16st,,,,on the 1st Feb this year I am still a fat 16st.

    But I do like the odd🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
    C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
    "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


      Just finished watching Joanna Lumley ‘Around Britain’, wife has asked for another cup of tea whilst we watch Chatsworth House, 3rd cuppa so far tonight, no biscuits or cakes with this one.

      There will another cuppa before we go to bed around midnight, slice of toast with that one. Wife has decaf tea after 9pm.

      Not weighed myself for a while but will be surprised if it’s above 12st 10lb even more so if it’s above 13st.,
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        Other half just said to me we need to get a bit more motivated. It's his birthday this weekend, so come Monday, we shall eat a bit less and move a bit more. Otherwise they will say we can cruise again and I will have nothing that fits!! I also ordered a new dress just before lockdown last March, I bet there will be no chance of that fitting

        My mum can eat 1 biscuit or 2 squares of chocolate per evening, but I have to eat all of it!! ......................................Carol


          I have a very sweet tooth but haven’t had chocolate or sweets for several weeks now - it was getting to the ridiculous stage with my fav bag of M&S chocolate raisins on a Friday night then again on a Saturday night followed by a few rafaello.Trying to be good Sunday thro to Friday - no alcohol whatsoever midweek and sticking to 3/4 glasses of wine in total over the weekend.


            Not got a sweet tooth, (OH complains that when I get a box of chocolates, I keep
            them so long they go white! (Not true - he eats them for me!). I never drink tea
            or coffee, nor snack between meals, so my weight stays pretty stable, and I try
            and keep it that way as I know for a fact that, since being on steroids, weight ALWAYS
            goes directly to my stomach, not to my face, arms or legs, where I could stand a few
            extra pounds.


              I have lost weight slowly but steadily since last April.

              The strange thing is that I do keep buying cakes and biscuits. I've never been so focused on sweet treats before.
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