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Is a Friday Quiz still wanted?

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    Is a Friday Quiz still wanted?

    Do we still want a weekly quiz or would fortnightly be a better bet?

    I don't mind at all but my main feelings are, I don't want it to become boring or a chore for those who turn up to join in.

    Answers here or PM me.

    I'm not normally about to play, but it has a core group that do, and from what I've seen everyone really enjoys it .................................................C arol


      Ooh, yes please teacher! I’d miss my weekly brain teaser. My brain needs all the teasing it can get these days as it’s in danger of turning to mush. It takes my mind of Tangoed Twit (or another word, same length but spelled with a “a”).

      Take care and stay well. 🍎Helen (see I even brought you an apple!)


        Yes, I'm happy to carry on weekly if you are. I enjoy it very much Won't be able to do 30/10 as hoping to move that day (vagaries of the legal profession permitting ).



          I enjoy our weekly excursion into the known, unknown & the bizarre (aka banter). Can't always give it my full attention but that doesn't lessen the enjoyment. Don't mind skipping a week to give teacher a break though.




            What ever is best for you Mrs M I’ll be there well for some of it 🤦*♀️😴


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