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Warning..cruise thread

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    Majesty returned to Portsmouth at 7.00am this morning and will leave at 8.30pm tonight.



      We went for a walk on Sunday from Sandbanks to Old Harry Rocks and back, it was very strange to see the 3 ships (Aurora, Arcadia and Queen Victoria) anchored off the coast of Bournemouth. By rights, it's not somewhere they should be really.

      Just checked Marine traffic and all three have seemingly moved, QV is off the coast of Weymouth now, while Aurora is just off Dungeness. Arcadia is being classed as Vessel is Out-of-Range although one of here tenders is in the water at Bournemouth.

      Another cropped phone photo.
      19 July 2020.jpg

      2 - 19 July 2020.jpg
      3 - 19 July 2020.jpg
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        Hi Wans
        Thanks for posting those.
        There's some strange behaviour going on with cruise ships.
        Majesty wasn't back in for victualling....I still wonder if RCI are looking at putting one of their smaller ships here in Portsmouth next season.
        Europe is liable to open up to cruises before America, China etc.

        Time will tell I suppose.



          I quite like myshiptracking you can see a 5 day track. and some of the AIS changes.

          QV was off bournmouth since the 16th July.

          Majesty of the seas due back into Portsmouth 2020-07-24 07:45 UTC

          A few ship in warm layup head out down the channel every now and then.

          If the FCO rules get relaxed so UK cruises can go ahead then getting a ship paying for itself or even costing less than sitting idle is a good start.


            Hi all
            Love that sign on the wall.....No Fishing.


            Must be one of JohnR’s “As with any law, rule or procedure there are always gray areas where intelligent interpretation is required”
            C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
            "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


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