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Have you "switched off" yet

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    Have you "switched off" yet

    Have you "switched off" yet from all of the doom and gloom excesses of media reporting on the Covid-19 situation?

    Endless university professors featured with half baked research studies full of could, may, perhaps, possibly predictions, all no doubt hoping for a government contract to further their research. Endless institute of this, that or the other prophesying the end of the world or at least of everything as we know it. Endless stories of the extreme situations some unfortunately are in implying it was likely to happen to all of us. Endless pieces on how bad we are doing in every aspect yet rarely if ever mentioning that most countries are doing worse, much worse in most cases. Endless stories on the end of globalisation or the profound changes that will happen to society after it is all over. And on, and on, and on. Many thought wall to wall Brexit project fear coverage was bad enough but this is wall to wall and floor to ceiling doom mongering.

    The flu pandemic of 1918 was orders of magnitude greater affected about a quarter of the worlds population at that time. It killed 10 - 20% of them, including my paternal grandfather and grandmother, orphaning my father at the age of 10.

    The world carried on turning then and no doubt it will now, particularly with our better medical knowledge and treatments etc. so I have "switched off". I just catch the headlines now and obey the simple rules.

    "People have had enough of experts"

    Unless of course they are the ones the government are following (guided by the science) and then you agree the experts are correct

    You don't see the irony when Gove comes out for the daily briefing flanked by 2 experts?
    It was one of those endless university professors with their half baked research that stopped this government killing 250,000 people
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      I switched off a few weeks ago. I usually have a look at the evening update to keep up with what we're supposed to be doing, and that's enough. I've even stopped reading the weekend papers. I'm following the regulations to the letter. I don't see how it's helpful to have this 24/7 bombardment of stats, opinions etc.


        I watch one news broadcast a day. That is enough to keep up with the situation without endless repeats of the same information and opinions.


          I read rather than watch the UK summaries.

          I do try and watch Andrew Cuomo of New York - no faffing and straight to the point. Good clear dummy-proof charts.

          Love his punchline - it is not About ME, it is about WE.

          He has doubled the social distancing penalties and speaks out about the impact on the poorest communities. This virus does NOT impact all communities equally.



            I receive a daily email from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde with COVID and NHS updates which is enough for me.
            don't want to work, just want to cruise.


              I don't listen to the news, but I do read it on line, so I can read things once, and then research further if I want to.

              When this first came about President Trump said, we need to be careful that the cure is not worse than the disease, and I agree with him. My little grandson has been tested for the Covid19 which was negative, he's been quite poorly, but because they thought he had it they haven't tested for anything else. Luckily the anti-biotics they are now giving him seem to be working, but I've also had an uncle who has had his heart op cancelled, there are a lot of poorly people out there, but everything now is Covid obsessed. I find it all very worrying and scary .................................................. .......Carol


                I watch the 5 o'clock report and then try to avoid anything else.

                I am still in shock that the Government ordered testing kits from China! which were not fit for purpose and has sent them back and wants a refund.

                Who sanctioned the order without being thoroughly satisfied they were suitable for use...Carol


                • Barry, CHIPPENHAM
                  Barry, CHIPPENHAM commented
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                  Bet they stand more chance of getting their refund than I do from riviera Travel!

                The 1918 flu could have been more controlled if American travel had been suspended but a war got in the way.

                Chances are the ability to travel and the ability to communicate are complimentary in spread and reduction in transmission.


                  At home I'm not watching the news except for once to catch the headlines and my BBC news app sends notifications if I want to read them.
                  We get all the important news at work (hospital) anyway so by the time I get home, I'm ready to try and forget all about Covid 19
                  BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


                    One news programme a day. Basically, since I am unlikely to come out the other side of this I do not need the negativity. The government are doing what they consider best according to the experts. What more can anyone do if idiots will not tow the line?


                      I read BBC news on line, log into the governments daily brief on line and watch ITV 6pm news.

                      Most of my day is spent trying to occupy myself, take a daily exercise walk and observe government guidelines, making sure I do everything I can to prevent catching this virus,

                      Try not to get involved in the politics of the situation, but have tremendous admiration for those keeping the country going especially those on the front line. I am not a person who generally worry’s but probably would if I had DT running the country. I agree that this government are trying to what they consider best based on the advice of those more informed.

                      Just had a news flash on my phone that BJ is out of intensive care but remains in hospital.
                      Last edited by Delboy, Essex; 9th April 2020, 06:55 PM.

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                        I’ve always craved the news but I’ve made myself limit it for my wellbeing. My anxiety was through the roof!
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                          Sticking to Masterchef and Ozark (Netflix), far more entertaining. I watch the national news at 6.30 and that’s it. My wife, on the other hand, could be one of the “experts” as she’s a born worrier, completely obsessed by it all.


                            I’m following government guide lines by socially distancing myself and that includes the news broadcasts.

                            I was fed up weeks ago with the BBC covering the whole of their panoramic background screens with close up pictures of this plug ugly looking virus. And the word C....a in the biggest lettering they could fit on. It came across as sensationalism in the poorest possible taste. And that was before they even started speaking!


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