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MSC passengers pepper sprayed

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    MSC passengers pepper sprayed

    Fighting in the MDR because they've been unable to disembark at certain ports on their Caribbean cruise.

    How much longer until cruise lines just sail around in circles as there's no ports whatsoever that will let them come alongside.


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    Good grief! What is wrong with people?
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      Also seen footage of passengers attacking crew members and trying to smash up the atrium's grand piano. Absolutely abhorrent and disgusting behaviour when they've been given a 100% refund too!


        That is the atrium, not the MDR?


          It doesn't take long for society to breakdown does it? It will only get worse on land and sea the longer the current corona virus situation exists.


            Total idiots! If I was MSC I wouldn’t give the thugs their promised 100% money back.
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              Ban for life problem is MSC can't tell the other cruise lines.


                Anyone care to wager a law suit against the security team??



                  No problems in Cozumel today. 4 ships here, including Carnival Dream, Carnival Fantasy, RCI Enchantment and Celebrity Reflection. Quite busy as you can imagine. What was surprising was the condition of Enchantment, docked alongside us and it looked like a rust bucket. Very poor condition.


                    Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post
                    Ban for life problem is MSC can't tell the other cruise lines.
                    Perhaps that became their intention once they discovered what the Marmite Sailing Club was actually like.


                      Originally posted by Wansbrough, North Somerset View Post

                      Perhaps that became their intention once they discovered what the Marmite Sailing Club was actually like.
                      Marmite Sailing Club!

                      Love it.

                      Mind you, I love Marmite!


                        I've got 4 cruises booked and paid for over coming 2 years. Whilst I've got no intention cancelling any of them, the unknown quantity of what's ahead certainly means I would not be booking another one until things are resolved or more settled.

                        Cruise Lines cant afford to take the hits for refunds and (well me anyway) won't make a further booking to possibly board a ship I may or may not be able to fly and board, that may just be a non stop ferry without a schedule to not get off the scheduled disembarkation point on the correct date.

                        The unknowns ensure no further bookings from me for a while and the possibility of cancelations within cut off off points if these problems do escalate and fearful that is unfolding at an alarming rate.

                        I've read enough comments suggesting people have a small risk of dying being seriously affected, but even a full refund on the table, these people caused violent problems between other guests and crew.

                        Imagine if they'd been told no refund, you're quarantined for two more weeks least and once we get cleared to a "friendly" port, you book your own flights to get home. I don't think that scenario is as crazy as it sounds which scares the life out me.

                        Hopefully the story of what happened on ship will surface though it certainly doesn't sound encouraging and is potentially dangerous. Glad I wasn't on it.


                          We also have cruises booked, but not paid for, just the deposits laid out and we will be willing to forfeit should the need arise.

                          I have no problem taking the cruises as we often treat them as a floating hotel with no disembarkation. I wouldn't be terribly happy being confined to cabin and I def. wouldn't be happy being confined to the ship if quarantined for an extra two weeks.

                          However, we're willing to take the risk. As we always book everything with Cunard, I expect them to get us home or to the ship if ports are altered. Makes booking the whole thing with the cruise line looking more and more advantageous over DIYflights in order to save a few ££..


                            Well right now, it's difficult to argue against the point you've made on getting the CL deal with flights. Only one of my 4 booked have I done so.Luckily my favoured cruise line a full refund minus £150 (which is given back on your next booking). Once past that 120 day cut off.... And the costs start to mount on something you've no control over. A gamble, but one I was fine with until now. But at I'm guaranteed onboard fisticuffs and pepper spay a ship less than 300 guests!


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