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Will it really work?

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    Originally posted by Victoria, Aberystwyth View Post
    Oh well Annie, if you can do it then we can all do it. Simples.
    Given a choice of either self isolation or cleaning up after my house was flooded...……………………………



      We are due to cruise in the UAE in less than 3 weeks, it is not the risk of getting the virus that is our worry, but the quarantine period if someone on the ship develops it. We booked this cruise purely as a winter sun break after a very difficult year. We have caring responsibilities for 2 elderly relatives, so we have to make plans for their care when we are away. A further period on top of what we have already planned for, will be difficult. Added to that, I suffer from Post Nasal Drip, and have for nearly ten years, this causes a persistent cough and sore throat which is now another concern as I am sure that I will be viewed with suspicion 😱 every time I cough! What was supposed to be a relaxing, battery recharging cruise, is becoming more stressful by the day. Once onboard I am sure we will just relax and enjoy the break 🍷🍷🍷 Nobody now seems concerned about the Straits of Hormuz, so that’s good! 🤞


        We know that if one of the family comes down with full-blown flu, the rest will be lucky to escape it , you can't really isolate yourself at home, you can certainly catch it in work , I ddi twice and ended up with pneumonia, you don't know that your colleagues or family are brewing it until it shows . CG


          There is only Hubby and I in the house now so it’s easier to self isolate but we only have 1 bathroom and 1 bed but 2 TV’s!! 😂😂
          don't want to work, just want to cruise.


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