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    Interesting comments re licence fee from Michael Potillo.

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      He makes a good point.................Wilba


        Originally posted by Delboy, Essex View Post
        Interesting comments re licence fee from Michael Potillo.
        I hadn't thought about that before. Younger folk don't watch tv so don't have a tv licence, they see everything on their tablets etc. No tv licence means no access to BBC iPlayer and thus no access to the BBC. The BBC is therefore no longer relevant to them. It is already, or soon will become, no longer the great national asset that binds us all together (as we are told) but just another tv broadcaster that fewer and fewer people know or care about.

        As he says the BBC is like a polar bear on melting ice.

        It has built up so much hostility generally by stopping the free licence for over 75's and now needs to be proactive now rather than reactive. A good start would be to abandon plans to charge the over 75's, make cuts to the exorbitant salaries it pays to staff and "talent" and cut several of the 10 tv channels and 30 of the 60 radio stations to cope with a reduced budget take the sting out of the rising resentment against the BBC. If it doesn't it will be forced into a corner and events will be out of it's control.


          Liked the way he controls the conversation and interruptions.


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