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    Originally posted by Guy, Ormskirk View Post

    We are driving to Venice to board Constellation, one of my favourite trips as it combines land and sea.

    Lots of fun booking hotels and planning the route and then a 9 day cruise in the middle.Carol
    Sounds a great trip. Enjoy.


      Originally posted by Cooke, Ashby View Post

      I think volunteering is a good idea, but beware of it taking over. I retired from paid employment eight years ago but continued my volunteering with RDA. Because one is retired people tend to think one is always available and they can take advantage. I came back from holiday to find that I hade been 'volunteered ' for three extra lessons, I decided I did not want to do that so resigned, after 33 years. Now I have private clients who I teach without charge, just for my pleasure.
      The notice in tbe museum said a couple of hours a week but i will bear in mind what you are saying. A friend of mine volunteers one day a week at a stately home and she does stick to just the one day as she is still work i g part time.


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