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What is your hobby members please.

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    What is your hobby members please.

    Well i thought i would ask members do they have a hobby, Myself i breed and race racing pigeons. I find it so relaxing and with it being a 365 day sport, it gives me things to do also in the winter. I also send my racing pigeons to race around the world. If i am needed to help in the home, i am only in the back garden. So being a full time carer this hobby works for me and my family. Do you have a hobby you enjoy?

    I'm a ship nut!

    I collect nautical books, ship memorabilia and go to maritime museums etc.

    Are we surprised?
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      You mean apart from cruising, talking about cruising, meeting cruising friends and planning cruises?

      I enjoy various crafts. I knit, crochet, do tapestry and cross stitch, and make greetings cards. The garden is my responsibility and I teach riding for the disabled on Wednesday and Sunday. We are life members of the NT and EH and like to visit their properties.

      How did I ever have time to go to work?


        I play board games on a fairly regular basis, so I suppose you could call that a hobby! I have a few people I have a regular video game night with too, where we play World of Warcraft.

        Can food count as a hobby? I love trying new restaurants. A friend and I meet up regularly to experience Edinburgh's latest fine dining options.
        Duncan S

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          Apart from being a golf nut together with a little cycling, it's classic cars. !950 MG TD, and 1959 Morris Traveller. Both in regular use.


            We share the same hobbies, golf (2/3 times a month together) theatre and the arts in general.

            Add in a desire to have a nice garden but a lack of skill to make it a reality



              Don't really have a hobby, like messing around in the garden, but in truth I am a fine weather gardener, thankfully due to its size it does not take a lot of time to keep it looking nice.

              Also like messing around with a camera taking a few photos here and there using a selection of different lenses.

              My neighbour opposite keeps pigeons, his pigeon loft is brick built with a fully tiled roof, looks more modern than his bungalow.
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              Photo Albums





                Thank you for your feedback, its great to find out more about our members.


                  We have horses; 7 of them. Two oldies, one youngster and four in work. Three of the four my husband competes Dressage and show jumping. The fourth is my granddaughters Shetland pony!
                  Its a family hobby we all enjoy and it’s very time consuming but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

                  I also love chalk chalk painting and am in to upcycling old furniture.
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                    My main hobby now is just keeping alive, and keeping up with all that is going on in the forum.


                      I don't have what you call a particular hobby, because I can't just do it now and again. If I read a book, I don't stop until I've read it, can't just read a few pages at a time. If I knit (which I haven't for years) I want it finished. So to relax, I come on here or Facebook. Potter about in the garden, and hubby is a keen golfer, so I'm just getting into it. He says I have to practice my swing, cos I don't always make contact with the ball!!

                      Some people are so talented, I would love to be able to paint, but I'm useless, can just about draw a stick man!! .......................Carol


                        Gosh! quite a few, politics [belonging to a political party] that takes up a lot of time, swimming, boating, looking after the grandkids, history love reading , gardening is also a passion, and of course cruising although we are not able to cruise very much these days insurance is the problem. CG


                          Swimming, When possible. I still work full time so for me my hobbies are reading, A bit of light gardening, And planning our next holiday/cruise. I would love to paint but like so many I am useless. I am good a crosswords and su-doku though. Jan.


                            Originally posted by dst87, Falkirk View Post
                            Can food count as a hobby?
                            Unfortunately it can!
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                              I have taken more of an interest in photography since I retired. It's amazing what you can find for free when you look for it - I have been on two five day courses and a couple of shorter courses organised by my local college. I have registered for a level 2 qualification starting in September. I don't really need a qualification, but that is the only way that it comes free. I'll be doing homework again, after all these years!

                              At the moment I am using a bridge camera because it is less weight to take away on holidays etc. I had quite a bit of credit in my Amazon account so have spent the money wisely on accessories.

                              I have said before that I enter online competitions while watching TV in the evening. That's where the Amazon credit came from.
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