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St Ives and the Gulls?

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    There was a guy in Worthing, by the pier last week with a portion of chips in one of those plastic trays, being bombarded by seagulls.


      Originally posted by Jocap, Cumbria View Post
      Most gulls are opportunistic, and we give them the opportunities....The number of young raised on cliffs, away from people is significantly less than the ones tempted into towns and rubbish dumps.
      I saw a man feeding a herring gull under a "No Feeding" sign on Whitehaven harbour....and he was pleased to tell anyone going past that he'd bought fish and chips deliberately for the gulls.
      I admire gulls, and remember how we used to clamber on to balconies pricking eggs, when I lived in Whitby, and how we've seen them nesting in unlikely spots, including between anti-gull spikes....I'm quietly amused at how they just come back even stronger....
      They are a very hardy bird ,and clever with it ,I do love to watch them flying and trying to get food of each other in mid air .
      But they are one nasty creature in the breeding season when the chicks hatch,they are terrorist ,each year we get reports of people being hurt by a gull,one young girl lost the top of her finger when a gull went for her food.
      The mess they leave on cars in the town is unbelievable,hopefully its on the cars of the folks that feed them..Taffy


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