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Mr G and Jellybean

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    Mr G and Jellybean

    Lovely story... Mr G gets his best friend back. Watch the video
    Best friends: Mr. G the goat and Jellybean the donkey rejoice at being reunited - Pets - TODAY.com
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    Excellent video and a very moving story with a very happy ending.
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    Queen Victoria
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      My dear old dog Obi-Wan died in April ( he was 15) and my other dog Bella would not eat for over 3 days. Finally I bought a rotisserie
      chicken which she could not resist, but she was not herself for a couple of weeks. They didn't even like each other that much.
      When Bella was young and Obi-Wan was top dog, he bullied her - when he got old and frail she would knock him over and run
      past him as they went out.... but she misses him still.


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