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    Yesterday morning I switched on my TV to see a sickening sight. People were trying to help a Rhino with a massive hole in its head after some barbaric people had removed its horn and it was bleeding to death. The pain and agony it had gone through beggars belief and what for? Apparently the horns leave Africa for China and Vietnam. A single horn can fetch $200.000 USD. This is for Chinese medicine to cure fever, headaches, skin diseases, heart and liver troubles and virility .

    Now in our country for headaches, fever, skin diseases, heart and liver troubles and virility can be cured with some over the counter medicines. Aspirin only cost around 24p a packet. And some skin problems can be put right with creams from over the counter too costing very little. For heart an liver troubles these may require a doctor or hospital treatment

    Maybe the Big Chief in Africa could write a letter to the Big Chief in China about these over the counter medicines and other things that doctors can supply and then the Rhino could keep its horn and leave to be happy in the great outside world free from Barbaric tactics to cure a headache? Even men who can't rise to the occasion can get Viagra. Surely this is a better and much easier way of going about it than wrestling and with a big Rhino and causing it much pain and all too often death?

    And I would be able to eat my toast and drink my coffee without feeling sick and wanting to behead the people who do these things to innocent animals that do no harm to others if left alone.


      It will only get resolved when the older generations in China and Vietnam have died off and hopefully the younger generations will have been educated in a way to understand they cannot treat the natural world like this. Until then the best we can hope for is that the governments of the countries where the spoils of this vile trade are trafficked to, decide to police the vendors aggressively and have much tougher jail sentences if people are found in possession of any endangered species. Unfortunately, they also have to overcome the problem of police bribery and corruption at the same time.

      Someone should invent a substance which can be safely injected into the horn which will make it both traceable and taint it from ever being used in medicine yet harmless to the animal. Then clearly mark the animal so the poachers know to leave it alone.


        Trevor this may be of interest to you

        Rhino horn poison ‘extremely toxic’ - IOL SciTech | IOL.co.za

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          I have been thinking about something on the same sort of line. If the young Rhino could somehow have its horn removed as it starts to grow and painlessly. Puppies: Some have their tails docked at a very young age and its supposed to be painless if done correctly. Apparently they do saw off some of the Rhino Horn to deter poachers but it leaves a stump and they will cut it out to get at it. Prevention is better than cure. Although some say that the Rhino's Horn can grow again even if its been sawn down. I suppose its a bit like cutting your nails, it doesn't hurt until it gets down near the skin and nerve.


            Oh nice one Del. They are to be applauded for doing this but those sceptics who are more concerned about the effect on those who eat it should be ashamed of themselves because those who pay £500 for a bowl of 'special' soup sure as hell know what they 'think' they are buying and they deserve to get ill for it in my book. This will stop the trade pretty damn quick.


              One only has to watch the 'Nothing to Declare - Australia' series of programmes to see the astonishing variety of muck some Chinese people try to import into the country in their luggage - weird plants, leaves alive with bugs, dried rats, live insects, the list goes on, and weirdly enough they usually have the stuff packed into a pot of some description like a rice cooker! Eating birds nest soup or dispensing rhino horn does not surprise me but it does disgust me! Anyone who harvests such things must have no respect for life of animal or human.


                According to what I have been reading on the Internet. In the Middle Eastern country of Yemen, the horn continues to be coveted by Muslim men, although imports were banned in 1982.

                So not only is it supposed to be a medicine to cure all ills but it is made into daggers too. To be presented to young boys of 12 to represent manhood. It would seem we are still stuck in a time warp of tribal religious beliefs. And animals have to suffer for it. Man has a lot to answer for.


                  I would say as a medicine the Rhino Horn as no power at all. The only power it has is while attached to the Rhino and used as a weapon against predators and for looking after its young. Rhinos live on plant life while others want to live eating it. To kill to eat is allowed in nature. To kill for sport is a wicked waste of life. I can only think of one animal that kills for sport and that is the domestic cat.

                  Rhino Horn is made up of a protein (Keratin) the same as our own nails are made up of. Aspirin is made from the bark of the willow tree and you don't have to kill anything to get this pain reliever at a cost of 24p a small packet of which you can only purchase two at a time just in case you want to kill yourself. But what is to stop you visiting all the places you can find and buying two packs from each? If you really want to kill yourself, then who is to stop you? Lets continue to live with wildlife and enjoy it.


                    I have been doing a bit more research into the Rhino. Apparently it only gives birth to one baby every three years and that is after an eighteen month period. So, if a lot are killed off in one go it takes them quite some time to build up stock again. It uses its horn to dig up roots and bulbs that its diet requires and also to protect its young because the baby has no horn until its older. So it does need its horn. But leave it and it becomes an endangered species. As the song goes in the case of the Rhino, 'Money Is The Root Of All Evil.'


                      Apparently barbaric things happen in my own country to cattle. We are supposed to have something called: The RSPCA which should apply to farming too. Not just to pets and wildlife. You can't turn a blind eye because an animal is being bred for food and is going to die eventually. An animals life should be made as comfortable as possible until it is time for it to be killed for food humanely. I have only had this brought to my attention today by a friend on another site. I will speak out even if its to do with my own country. More on the matter later.


                        I was saying the other day that maybe something could be done to the young Rhino before its horn started to grow to preserve its life on earth. But what I have been reading today as made me think twice about it. I am talking about: Cattle Dehorning.

                        This is something I didn't know about or existed. Workers use sharp tools including saws, sharp wires, or gruesome guillotine dehorners, which may also cut into the animals skin to cut the horns out of animals. Or sensitive horn tissue is burned out the their heads often without pain killers. In this day and age I wouldn't have thought it possible to cause such suffering in a country that is supposed to be animal lovers. Its a disgrace.

                        I don't know who we have in Parliament who deals with farming but whoever we have I suggest he gets off his fat a**e and earns his pay and does something to stop it. I don't mean in a year or tomorrow but right now before more animals are tortured .

                        How can you talk about what goes off in other countries and yet ignore what goes off in our own country under our very nose.


                          Hi Foxy.
                          There is an article in the Guardian today reporting nearly 700 rhino's will be killed by poachers this year in South Africa.
                          In 2007 there was only 13 killed.
                          The horn is bought by the rich in Vietnam were its seen as a status symbol.

                          How the rich are prepared to destroy things just for 'status symbols'........they must get a kick out of owning things just for the sake of it,,i pity them.
                          C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
                          "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


                            Yes! I have just read about it. Maybe some are selling them on for a good profit on the internet? They should be able to trace such people and fine them heavily for having them.

                            I have just been reading about something done to cow horns that might be painless. Its called: Banding. A rubber band it put on the horn at the base and it cuts of the circulation. Stops the blood getting to it and the horn drops off after a time. I think this is used on puppies tails to dock them and it's a kinder way to do it with no pain. I think?

                            Maybe this could be done to the Rhino? If it saves their life its worthwhile.


                              Can we just clear this up. Docking of dogs tails in this country has been illegal since 2006 unless it is needed for medical reasons or for certain working dogs. And under the Animal Welfare Act you can be prosecuted. In Scotland it is banned across the board, no exceptions. As for banding ,imagine someone putting a rubber band around your finger so tightly it drops off! I can't believe that isn't painful...Carol
                              Last edited by Guy, Ormskirk; 24th September 2013, 01:34 PM.


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