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good news in our house

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    good news in our house

    Hello people x I woke today to brilliant sunshine and a very hard frost, beautiful to look at and thought " yes its a good day " At about 10ish clive had a phone call inviting him for his jab, and its happening today, I cant tell you the relief and happiness I feel and feel as I want to share it with you all, He is 70 and asthmatic and every night I say to him before sleep " goodnight, keep breathing " I feel as if a massive weight has been lifted and now he is having his I am prepared to wait till 12th Never for mine.. So again thank you to all those scientists, Lab workers etc for making this possible x x x Also a MASSIVE thank you to our supermarket workers x xx

    With Clive being an asthmatic it must indeed be a tremendous relief to both of you. Hope all goes smoothly at the vaccination place.

    He will probably have a sore arm for a day or two but that is as nothing compared the joy you both now have.


      So happy for you. My husband is 72, asthmatic and also has Parkinson's, so cannot wait for him to have it.Fingers crossed it will be soon!


        That's wonderful.

        An aunt and uncle both mid 70's had theirs today. My uncle has heart problems, but my aunt is fine, so they must be cracking on with the over 70's now!! .........................................Carol


          I'm very pleased for you. It must be a huge relief. However, I wish I knew what is going on with these vaccines. A friend, 78, got his letter, but was told he couldn't have his vaccine after all because the 80+ people hadn't had theirs yet. He's diabetic, has to use blood thinners etc. Our surgery has closed temporarily because the staff are busy dealing with care home vaccinations because they haven't had theirs either. Very much a post code lottery, I think.


            Fab news Heather! A sore arm is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

            Take care and stay well. Helen


              There's been a steady queue of people waiting outside the vaccine hub at the hospital where I work. They turned the staff wellness centre into the hub and it's good to see so many people turning up .

              Seven thousand staff work at our trust and apparently,nearly all of us will have had our first jab by end of this month.

              I'll be really happy and relieved when my husband gets his.
              BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


                thank you all for your good wishes x luckily he has had no reaction at all so more good news, what made it all the more suprising is that wales is really dragging its feet vaccine wise and as Drakeford said " its not a competition" well I and thousands of others disagree it IS a competition, us against the virus.. it was all men in there last night and they all said their wives are over the moon that the husbands were having the jab, Generally gives women a bit less to worry about as men dont seem to care and take it in their stride. Once again thank you good people and huge fingers, toes, legs etc crossed that you get yours too before too long x x hugs x heather


                  It is such a relief to get the call for the vaccine. Glad Clive has had his & feels OK.

                  My husband had the vaccine two weeks ago & I got my phone call last week. The caller said that the NHS had given instructions to our local GP practices to start vaccinating the 70 - 75s, yet they are still rushing to finish vaccinating the 75 - 80 year olds. Next day the news said the North East was among the areas they were reducing vaccine deliveries as other areas were behind and needed to catch up! Well we'll see what happens.

                  It's hard to express how grateful we are for all the magnificent workers in the NHS as well as all the other workers who keep the country going. I just wish that the people who disregard the regulations there to help fight the virus would be less selfish and stop putting other people's lives at risk.However it's a battle we will win I'm sure.

                  Take care.


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