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Live Aid 13/7/19865

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    Live Aid 13/7/19865

    Just listening to 35th anniversary programme about Live Aid. 13/7/1985. Sat for 16 hours glued to the TV. Saw Phil Collins perform on 2 continents in the same day, courtesy of the most beautiful 'plane ever - Concorde (just my opinion of course).
    Brilliant concert, anyone else remember? Have the DVD and am going to watch it again tomorrow!!


    I obviously meant 1985!!!


      Oh boy, do we remember it! It was an amazing concert and day for everyone concerned. I remember getting my elderly mother-in-law bopping (in a manner of speaking)to the Beach Boys which was good fun. We don’t have the dvd of that concert, but we do have the dvd of the Concert for George in tribute to George Harrison which was also amazing.

      Take care and stay well. Helen


        I remember Live Aid too. I had just finished teaching in Malaysia and we were preparing for a five week trip home via Oz, Tahiti and California. Satellite time meant we couldn't see all of it but the bits we saw were wonderful.


          I worked in London at the time and some of the girls in our office put a party together to go. I couldn't - we had 2 under 4 nippers then - but about a dozen of my colleagues did. They were buzzing about it for days afterwards. I had to make do with whatever I could catch on TV.
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