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The Emperor’s New Clothes?

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    Another odd creation:

    See my cruise blog: HERE


      I think she is amazing to be honest.. Think she has gone too thin..( I wish I had...) a lot of my family members have seen her in Vegas, said totally fabulous.
      I loved her on James cordon carpool karaoke 😃


        I'm not a fan, but she seems to have achieved her aim of getting her name and photo out there.



          I love listening to her and I think she has one of the most amazing voices of her generation. I love watching her shows too as her glamorous gowns are just amazing. Her Caesar's Palace residency must have been fabulous. I saw the YouTube of her last show. WoW. I was in tears when she sang her last song, Over the Rainbow and the photo of Celine and Renee was projected.

          I agree with Tracey though, she seems too thin at time but maybe that's because the love of her life died too soon and as he was so much her mentor and guide too, she is personally adrift. If it is her health, I hope she improves. If it's a personal choice, enough is enough. Eat a doughnut or three.


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