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    cruise mates

    hello, im a 40 year old guy from the uk looking to share the cost of a cruise and to avoid the "single suppliment". im a non smoker and easy going guy, and looking for a cruise mate, will consider any cruise thanks.

    Hi, you may not need a cruise mate! There are cruise lines/ships that sometimes drop their single supplement.

    Norwegian Epic (NCL) has 128 'Studio' single cabins, normally with NO single supplement, so you pay half the couples rate. There is also a private 'singles' bar for 'Studio' cabin guests.

    Epic is in the Caribbean now and will be in the Med in August. (Epic may prove ideal for you age!)

    Other ships do deals too!

    Why not contact cruise.co.uk and ask them about their 'singles' deals.
    Last edited by Malcolm, Essex; 2nd November 2011, 09:44 AM.
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      Hi Mablethorpe, Landseer.
      Great to see your wanting to do a cruise. I was looking for a cruise mate a few months back, but had no luck. I'm also from the UK (London) & in my early 40s. I'll will be doing the Liberty of the seas Transatlantic next April if your interested. Cheers. BJ


        I know that is is a long way off, but the two new NCL ships Breakaway (2013) and Getaway (2014) which will also built with 'studio' (single) cabins - rare for new ships.

        Fred Olsen ships have some single cabins, but do often attract the more mature age group. P&O sometimes do singles offers.
        See my cruise blog: HERE



          You right Malcom.
          I'm going on the P&O Aurora 2 night mini cruise next weekend (12th Nov) with some friends.
          I got a single cabin (outside) for just £10 more than the cost of a regular two person inside.


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