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Newly Widowed. Need advice on best ways to cruise Solo

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    Solo is the preferred term as many that choose to cruise alone are not "single"

    The key for those wanting to try solo cruises is to understand what you want from your trip.

    Familiarity can be be beneficial so choosing lines you like or cruises that have people you know.
    Some itinerary attract more solos and groups that are more inclusive if social interaction is important.
    Some lines are better at sharing tables, that would be my weakness I can do some meals alone but on a longer cruise I would crave company dining.


      I have booked Voyager for an Australia and NZ cruise starting in October. The travel advisor mentioned in passing that a widowed lady from Bradford had just booked--BUT--she wouldn't send her my email address. It was my suggestion and the recipient would not be compromised in any way but I expect--rules are rules. I think they are there to be broken!! If anyone knows a single from anywhere but especially from Bradford, on that cruise, I would love to be in touch.


        The entertainment team on board usually arrange for a singles get together on most if not all cruises. Perhaps you might be lucky and meet up that way. Also the maître D should arrange for singles to be seated together if you have fixed dining.


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