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Newly Widowed. Need advice on best ways to cruise Solo

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  • Tootz, Toytown
    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and your kind words.

    I haven't yet decided on a destination, just thought I would have a browse around to see what was out there. Unfortunately I don't have anybody to travel with as all my friends still have their partners and I am the first to have lost their loved one.

    The cruise company web pages don't make it easy for single passengers to navigate a price, they just seem to quote a price for 2 sharing!

    I will keep an eye out for something or perhaps better visit a travel agent for advice


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  • mags, cardiff
    Sorry this has happened. I think maybe it is a potential situation we all think about now and again. I am still fortunate enough to be cruising with my husband but perhaps I could add some remarks.

    We always go with the same line on the same ships and have met some lovely people, many of them travelling solo after years of doing so as a couple. Once shared a table with a widow who had cruised many many time alone. She happened to say that the first time she did so she was advised to take a teddy bear and that others did the same! Now this is clearly a matter of personal thought and preference but I just repeat it for consideration.

    Earlier this year we met several widows and widowers on board, all very much enjoying being away in the winter months and in company. I think they made it their business to be sociable whilst still keeping themselves to themselves when they wanted to. Some were booking for the same next year. One man was on his first solo after losing his wife and said he found the first time difficult but was determined to make a go of it. From what I have seen it probably helps to go on a ship you know, where you may know others and possibly staff as well, to assist. My late father got into the habit of 10 weeks abroad every winter in the same place where he got to know people, local and visitors and developed a social life. It kept him going.

    Good luck, we all may be there sometime.

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  • Bigsis, Waterlooville
    My condolences to you Tootz.

    I have friends who cruise solo after previously cruising with their late husbands or ex partners and they always get on great. I went on the forum cruise on my own (unplanned that way) though it was easier as I knew I'd be meeting up with forum friends.

    Have you got a friend or a family member who would go with you if you're not quite ready to go it alone? I guess one thing to consider is the single supplements. Some cruise lines are better then others and some have more single cabins available.
    Where do you fancy going? Good luck to you

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