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China Live Blog 2#

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    Guest started a topic China Live Blog 2#

    China Live Blog 2#

    Hi again!

    It’s my third day here in Beijing today and it was the day that I was most looking forward to – The Great Wall of China!

    I didn’t get the early night I planned last night as I was persuaded to go for a drink with everyone. The taxi system in Beijing is a bit confusing because one of our party travelled for 45 minutes to the bar but only paid the equivalent of a £1.70 fare – quite a bargain though! It was worth the tiredness this morning to discover “the strip” with a variety of foreign and local bars and this pretty street light installation below.

    Top tip: Food and drink here is pretty cheap, but be careful when going to bars without pricelists as locals tend to make up prices based on what they think you can pay!

    This morning we were on the bus bright and early to try and beat the crowds to the Great Wall – but it was still fairly busy!

    It was even bigger than I thought it would be – and a lot steeper! I’m really glad I’ve now been to one of the wonders of the world, it was a real sense of achievement to stand at the top and look out at the miles of winding wall. Even though it was a very early start we were all glad we came so early to avoid the heat, as by the afternoon it was pushing 32C.

    Next stop was to a jade factory to see how the local produce is made. The most impressive piece was this ship below – made from only four different pieces of jade. I couldn’t resist buying lots of jewellery in the gift shop even if it was a bit pricey! They also put on lunch for us and it was easily our best food so far – a great choice of local dishes – the strangest of which was mashed potato with blueberry sauce?!

    Then it was on to the Ming Dynasty tombs to see the marble statues guarding the way to the emperor’s tombs. The statues were very impressive – and we all made sure to touch this turtles head as it is meant to bring you good luck!

    On our drive back to the hotel our tour guide Jimmy got the driver to take us through the Olympic park. I got a quick glimpse of the Cube but sadly didn’t get great pictures!

    Tonight we’re off for a traditional Peking Duck dinner and then it’s on to Xi’an in the morning… Until next time!
    Rach x

  • Hampshire Thorn, Fareham
    The wall looks awesome Rachael and it must be quite something to be there. Love the jade ship, keep those pictures coming........HT

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  • Val, Wolverhampton
    You are doing a grand job and packing lots in! I love the photo's of the great wall

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  • drewlin, wigan
    Enjoyed your photos. China is somewhere I would love to go to and the Great Wall is one of the many places I'd like to see but the steepness does worry me as not very fit at all.

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  • Taffy, Wales
    Pictures very good love the Jade .
    My SIL walked the wall and said the same as you Steep very steep in places..Taffy

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