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Live Blog - Beijing Bound!

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    Live Blog - Beijing Bound!

    Hi all,
    You probably don’t know me but I’m one of the online copywriters for www.CRUISE.co.uk - in fact if you ever take a look over at the www.CRUISE.co.uk/news section you’ve probably already read some of my stuff!

    I’ve just booked a river cruise on the Yangtze (nothing like jumping in at the deep end!) and Wi-Fi willing I’ll be blogging live whilst I’m out there.

    I’ve been on a river cruise before (but only with Scenic around Amsterdam) so I'm not quite sure what to expect from China! In fact I’ve never been anywhere near the Far East so I’m expecting a bit of a culture shock (if any of you know James can you have a word – he keeps nagging me to try all the grossest foods he can think of!)

    Hopefully some of you will follow my blog (please – it’s horrible writing and knowing no one’s reading it ) and if you’ve got any questions (or better yet advice!!!!) please drop by, say hi and let me know.

    Speak soon,


    Hi Rachael

    I've never been to China so I'm quite envious. I'd guess that a cruise on the Yangtze will be a massive cultural shift from Amsterdam. We find a Nile cruise is a contrast in itself but I would imagine China will be even further removed from all things familiar.

    I'll look out for your blog - I'm sure it will be fascinating. Comparisons between the boats on European rivers v Yangtze would be interesting as I'd guess people will be wary about standards of accommodation and food over there. I hope you are able to post loads of pictures too. The best blogs we've had on here have been those accompanied by pictures to illustrate the points being discussed.
    Cruising my way through life!



      Hi Rachael,
      We loved China when we were there a few years ago. We had a few days in Beijing before our Far East cruise and had a wonderful time there. Everyone we met was wonderfully friendly and keen to help us as we made our independent way around the city. The same was also true of Shanghai and Hong Kong. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time as we did. I'm looking forward to reading your blog as I really fancy a river cruise but haven't been able to persuade my wife yet!


        I'm still really interested in River Cruises so I'll follow your blog with interest!

        When are you leaving?


          I shall be following your blog Rachael. I would LOVE to cruise the Yangtze.

          Now, food. Having lived in S.E.Asia, and eaten in what Europeans would term 'extremely dodgy' Chinese Coffee [not much coffee sold or drunk] shops my recommendation is, if you're not sure what it is... don't ask and you'll be fine!

          I can't imagine you'll be taken to the kind of places I used to eat in, as a European sense of hygiene would be offended, big style. Just be careful where you eat when out and about and if you eat from a Hawker stall, make sure there is running water around so the cooking implements can occasionally be washed.
          Road side stalls with buckets of water, changed once or twice during the day, in which plates and cooking implements are dunked are NOT good for our delicate stomachs.

          You will have a ball. I am SO envious.


            I'm looking forward to following your blog too, although the far east really is not on my bucket list, I am interested in other peoples experience of it .................................................. .................................................. ............


              This sounds interesting. I'm sure the food will be fine - our Chinese Takeaway offers Omelette and Chips, what more could you want?

              We will be reading all about it so blog on Rachael and have a really good time................HT


                Hi Rachael

                I will definitely follow your blog, I love reading about other peoples travels so I am looking forward to it.



                  You have my attention regarding the Far East.

                  Just to add to Mrs M's advice about hawker food, start of with the deep fried crickets before moving on to the hardcore deep fried scorpions.

                  After ten bottles of Tiger Beer you won't care what you are eating..........Wilba


                    We had a five day cruise on the Yangtze last year as part of a land tour of China. The food on board was quite bland, it seemed to us like Chinese food simplified to suit what they thought westerners would enjoy. On the boat there was a choice of Western or Chinese food, nothing gross! Beware of the Great Wall wines, they are not great in any way. I drank beer most of the time, very light and quite palatable even to me who hadn't had a beer in thirty years apart from an occasional shandy in hot weather.

                    Have a wonderful time, we certainly did.



                      Hi Rachael, I look forward to your blog, it sounds like a fab adventure.


                        Hi Val .
                        Of course people will read your blog but they may not all comment on it?
                        Most Blogs get plenty of hits and not always lots of comments .
                        Have a great time and your blog will get read..Taffy


                          Originally posted by dst87, Falkirk View Post
                          I'm still really interested in River Cruises so I'll follow your blog with interest!

                          When are you leaving?
                          Hi Duncan!
                          I start my trip on the 5th of July - not long to go now!


                            Thanks for your feedback guys!
                            I'll try my best to look out for comparisons between European boats and Chinese boats.
                            I'll also do my best to include as many pictures as I can (WiFi permitting!)
                            And Wilba - I look forward to trying those scorpions with slight trepidation!



                              Hi Rachel, Drew and I will be following your blog and will comment as we know from experience what hard work writing a blog is but it is very enjoyable and great fun. Looking forward to the photos so hope wifi permits!
                              Cheers Drew and Linda


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