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SS Antoinette Day four

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    SS Antoinette Day four

    Got to stay in bed a little later as our walking tour of Speyer didn't start till 9:30 today. This was our first excursion in a German town and whilst it wasn't as picturesque as some of the French villages I've visited the guide was outstanding, really bringing the history of the town to life. We visited a Romanesque, (yes I now know what Romanesque means), cathedral quickly followed by a Lutheran church with the guide describing the differences between Catholics and Protestants in Speyer.

    We were also quite lucky in that we got to visit the Jewish ritual bath which not many guests do as it's closed to the public if anyone of the Jewish faith happens to be visiting that day. Lunch back onboard the ship is a strange mix of self service buffet and waiter service that never the less works really well. I also finally managed to get my TV working, (I was using the wrong remote), and was delighted to find that instead of the few German channels with bad reception I was expecting I got over 200 English movies that I could select and watch.
    Half our group, (including me), dined in the main lounge whilst the other half visited the more select L'Orangerie, the alternate dining venue. Those that did try it said the food was of a similar standard, (so excellent), but the atmosphere was quite quiet and subdued.


    Talking about river cruising in general and I can really say I've never had such a chilled out relaxed holiday. I was worried we'd be bussed here, shipped there and off to a dozen different places at a rate of knots. Instead what happens is that you get up, enjoy the excursion in the morning, head back to the ship for lunch and then either stay onboard relaxing either in the pool, (indoor and heated), watching TV in your cabin or chatting with other guests in the main lounge. I've never been so relaxed!!!!!

    Happy, (river), cruising
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    After seeing the website I envy you even more. A heated indoor swimming pool - how decadent.


      glad that you are having a great chilled out time James.
      don't want to work, just want to cruise.


        Very impressive blog report and pictures James
        Have put river cruising back on the bucket list
        Somewhat reminiscent ( but far more opulent) than our previous experiences on a Nile cruise in 1996 .
        We have always been cautious about Mainland Europe ( the weather can be so variable - in the tropics the rain is at least like a warm bath and in Egypt heat is more the problem) .
        Whither next are you boldly going Capt James??


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