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SS Antoinette - Day three

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    SS Antoinette - Day three

    Today was Strasbourg with an 8:30 start so breakfast was an early affair. It's an American style buffet breakfast every morning served in the main lounge with a choice of different sausages each morning, bacon, (soft and crispy), different kinds of eggs from an egg station, (if you ever get on board make sure you try their Eggs Benedict), fruits, cereals and pastries.
    We woke up to a fog so thick I couldn't stand on one side of the bank and see to the other so we were initially a bit worried about the boat tour of the canals of Strasbourg, (yes I know I was being transferred from one boat to take a tour on another).


    The fog lifted almost as soon as the sun came up though which was perfect as Strasbourg is a beautiful city which I'd have no problem coming back to on a short haul city break for a weekend, there was no way I could get everything done in one morning.


    After the canal tour which took about an hour and fifteen minutes I explored the Cathedral Notre Damme in the middle of the old town. It's a gothic style cathedral and the stone work on the front arches is amazing. I then made the rather stupid decision of spending 5 euros to climb to the top of the spire which I started to regret around step number 200.


    320 steps or so later and the views were well worth it, (just don't ask me to climb it again).
    There was a choice in the afternoon of heading back to the ship to relax and unwind or to explore a traditional farming village in the Black Forest. The extra trip was 59 euros but as it was out of season and only one farm building was open they reduced this to 49 euros. I still felt that was a little high so I headed back to the ship.
    A couple of extra little points I discovered about the ship yesterday, there's a pillow menu onboard with a choice of 5 different pillows and there's a button you can press in the bathroom that will heat the towel rails whilst you're in the shower, (it's the little touches like this I'm coming to love about the ship).
    After dinner we headed to the main lounge but apart from the group I'm travelling with there was only one other couple in there, everyone else had gone to bed making for a quiet night again.
    Dinner was a French theme with escargot on the menu for the non squeamish followed by rack of lamb - no complaints about the food at all!!!!!!!!


    Happy, (river), cruising
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    Sounds good James. The sought of winter break I might myself consider next year...........Wilba


      sounds wonderful James, the ship and the ports.
      don't want to work, just want to cruise.


        I look forward to seeing the Photos.
        See my cruise blog: HERE


          I had a look at the pictures on the website, the boat looks really good.
          Last edited by Hampshire Thorn, Fareham; 15th November 2012, 10:46 AM.


            Originally posted by Hampshire Thorn, Fareham View Post
            I had a look at the pictures on the website, the boat looks really good.
            By all accounts she's one of the nicest ships out there but I've got the ACE river cruise expo on Sunday and Monday so I'll be able to compare her for you to some others


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