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SS Antoinette - Day two

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    SS Antoinette - Day two

    You'll all be glad to know the ship was much more lively today now that everyones had a chance to catch up on their sleep.
    It was a fairly late start, (by cruising standards), at 9:30 with a trip into Breisach and Riquewihr along the Alsatian Wine Road, (no I can't pronounce the names either). I found the trips a little dull but to be fair to Uniworld that's my fault not theirs. Both villages were small and beautiful full of shops and houses from the fifteenth century forward with wooden facades and views of the mountains off in the distance. My problem was that I don't live far from Stratford so the front of an old building isn't that interesting to me. Combine that with the fact that it was a quite Monday morning and a lot of places were shut.

    The wine tasting was excellent though and the local wines are amazing, (you can buy some bottles and drink them with your evening meal for no corkage fee if you want).
    Dinner was the Captains gala ball on a formal basis with a veeeeeeeery large set menu. The formality however was quite relaxed, the norm being suits with no ties for the men and dresses for the ladies.
    Dinner was excellent............

    A baked potato with garlic butter and caviar Amuse-bouche to start
    A choice of Spinach or Salmon crepes for an Apertif


    Chicken Consume with a short crust topping for the soup course
    Fillet Mignon or lobster for the main
    A mini trilogy desert of vanilla cheese cake, chocolate sponge and home made icecream
    petit fours
    cheese board and coffee

    Then straight up to the main lounge for dancing till about midnight. The entertainment was again a man with a piano and a singer but they knew their trade and halfway through It's raining men three quarters of the ship were up and dancing.
    We also went through several lochs last nights which I popped up onto deck to watch which was quite interesting.


    River cruising really is a completely different experience to ocean cruising and for the right person it's a perfect choice. I also can't praise the Uniworld ship and staff enough.
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    Last edited by James, Cruise.co.uk; 21st November 2012, 09:51 AM.

    Thanks for the update, James.

    You said: "River cruising really is a completly different experience to ocean cruising and for the right person it's a perfect choice."

    So who is the right person?
    See my cruise blog: HERE


      Originally posted by Malcolm, Essex View Post
      Thanks for the update, James.

      You said: "River cruising really is a completly different experience to ocean cruising and for the right person it's a perfect choice."

      So who is the right person?

      I think most of us are Malcolm. Although it is different - more compact, views of the shore as you cruise, mooring in the heart of a town or city, etc - many things are similar - good food, good service (more personal if anything), new places to see every day. I love ocean cruising but also loved both the river cruises we've done.

      James, sorry to hear you're roughing it, only 7 courses for dinner. What's this about bringing your own wine on board? Are they not serving any free?


        Glad you had a more lively night and the menu sounds delicious. I do like river cruising though I've only been on one so far and that was a Nile cruise and it was about 60% Russian and 40% English passengers as I recall so a different set of dynamics I guess. I'd like to go on a river cruise from Moscow to St.Petes one day but the price of river cruises has put me off so far as it tends to be a lot higher than sea cruises per day I've found and the single supplements are higher as well normally.


          I've been looking at River Cruises Trevor and whilst initially they appear expensive when you take into account many of them include drinks, tours and gratuties they are not that expensive, of course that isn't taking any ss into account but I am most definitely tempted so will be interested in what else James will have to say.


            River cruising can be more than ocean cruising day by day but Dancing Queen is right, because so much is included you do end up making savings in the long run.
            As to single supplements Trevor I think I've posted here before about a river cruise line who never charge a single supplement on their lead in cabins, (cough, Riviera, cough), and Uniworld, like most other river cruise lines tend to have offers on selected sailings for singles. I checked with the Uniworld rep yesterday and currently they have 20 sailings with a 0% supplement and she'll send me the list when were back in the UK


              OK thanks James I'll look at them a bit closer then if this is the case.


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