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SS Antoinette - My first day

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    SS Antoinette - My first day

    I've just woke up and finished breakfast and I've half hour to kill before the first excursion, (wine tasting), so I thought I'd catch you up on my first day.


    As I said yesterday I love the ship, by far one of the nicest and most spacious I've ever been on, there's always a feeling of space wherever you are onboard. I love my cabin and I think all ocean going cruises should adopt river cruise style balconies. It's great.


    I walk into my cabin and on the far wall there are wall to wall curtains. Open these and there are sliding doors, (that don't lock. You then have a small balcony area with two armchairs and a table in front of a floor to ceiling picture window with a railing running through the middle but at the touch of a button the top half descends so you have the choice of a balcony or not - I love it!

    Being honest I can't say I was thrilled with the entertainment, It was a guy with a piano and by half ten the ship was nearly empty, however.............
    a. I'm aware river cruising attracts an older generation who may well appreciate that and
    b. A large portion of the ship flew in from America on 20hr flights so they may all have just been tired - We shall see if things improve tonight at the Captains Cocktail ball, (the Captain by the way is brilliant and made a point to let us know he isn't Italian and doesn't know anyone on shore he wants to wave at).

    Dinner was excellent, the presentation was amazing and the open dining worked really well.
    That's the cruise director now with a final call for the excursion coach so I'll catch up with you all later

    Happy, (river), cruising
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    Hi James ... Good to hear you are enjoying your river cruise I always slept soundly on river boats. I've been checking out some photos of the staterooms of the SS Antoinette and most don't seem to have balconies so I presume you are actually in a suite is that right?

    The picture of a suite I found shows more of a mini conservatory rather than a balcony is that correct? You'll have to download some pics soon mate. From the description of your fellow guests it sounds like you may have to get used to early nights for the rest of the trip but who knows maybe the heavy metal band are getting on at the next stop.


      I'm in a Cat 1 cabin.
      They're quite hard to describe. The carpet ends and there's a wooden floor with french windows seperating them. The window thens comes down to make a full glass fronted balcony or I can put the window up to make a giant picture window. A conservatory is a good description of it. From speaking to other guests the Cat 2 cabins on the deck below me are the same, (same size), witout the french windows. There carpet goes right up to the window/balcony thing so I guess their cabin might feel a bit bigger maybe??? I'll have to see if someone will invite me back to their cabin


        Thanks for the clarification James. Hope you enjoy your dinner and evening more tonight.


          Originally posted by trevor432990, East Sussex View Post
          Thanks for the clarification James. Hope you enjoy your dinner and evening more tonight.
          Ok, it's veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow but I can upload to our Piterest account - check out the link here - Cruiseco (cruiseco) on Pinterest


            the cabin sounds interesting James. looking forward to the photos.
            don't want to work, just want to cruise.


              It's all sounding good James, enjoy the wine tasting and the Captains Cocktail Ball. I rather expected you would have a fair few American fellow passengers - last December on Amadolce we were the only Brits onboard.


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