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SS Antoinette - First Impressions

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    SS Antoinette - First Impressions

    Hi all I've just arrived in Breisach, (It was meant to be Basel but the river was too high to get there so we were diverted), and I thought I'd share my first impressions of the ship.
    I'm struggling to upload pictures at the moment so you'll have to bear with me, (the forum doesn't like Germany much).

    The first thing you notice is the size, although she's quite small compared to ocean going vessels you get a real feeling of space onboard. Nowhere is cramped in or feels small. All the bars and cabins feel really large.
    The next thing that strikes you is the decor. A couple of people onboard have said it feels a bit chintzy to them but it puts me in mind of seventeenth century France, very ornate and opulent.

    The staff have all been amazing, really friendly and leaping at the chance to help, I had to nearly wrestle my bag back of my cabin stewardess who wanted to carry it to my room for me! All guests are escorted to their rooms by their cabin steward no matter what type of stateroom they have and are given a quick guide to their cabins.
    (By the way something I was amazed by was that the cabins had English, European and American plug sockets, only a small thing but clever for someone to think of).

    As I said yesterday if you've any specific questions let me know, otherwise I'll speak to you all later
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    All sounds positive so far! Keep it coming James.
    See my cruise blog: HERE


      Glad you made it on board James. I hope you get the photos downloaded as it sounds interesting on there. Let us know where your fellow passengers are from when you've had a chance to meet them. By now you'll have tucked in to your first dinner and sampled a little wine possibly.


        Hi Hampshire - The rest of the passengers are mostly American and Australian with a small contingent from Hong Kong as well as a scattering of Brits. I might need to upload the photos when I get back I'm afraid - It's just not happening on the ships Wi-FI - Check out the First day thread for more dinner info


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