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It is all over

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    It is all over

    Ok well sorry for my delay of my last post but any way our last port of call was Düsseldorf what another stunning city plenty to do shops bars restaurants and mass amounts of Christmas markets again. The mini Christmas cruises I would recommend to anyone as they are well worth it and you spend plenty of time in each city here is a few snaps I took in Düsseldorf.

    On the last night of the river cruise they did the Captains Party this was a more formal night but it was not compulsory so it is a very laid back feel you don't have to get dressed up if you don't want to. They did a full line up of all staff on the ship so we could cheer them all for all there hard work over the last few days. Then they brought in the baked Alaska :D

    In closing I believe you have to try something first and I will be doing a river cruise again as i really enjoyed myself.
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    Paul Holroyd
    Specialist Cruise Consultant

    I have always had a passion for travel I have worked in travel 17 years now and I could not imagine doing anything else, and what better way to see more places than to cruise wake up nearly every day in a different place or even a different country amazing!.

    Please visit my website at http://paulpicksacruise.co.uk/ or you can call me on 0800 408 6087 or email me at PaulH@cruise.co.uk can't wait to hear from you.

    Will do a mini cruise only if it's a no-fly cruise because of the hassle of flying.


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