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The Final Chapter....

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    The Final Chapter....

    Its 07:00am and we have sailed through the night to arrive early in the morning in Arnhem, we are meeting for breakfast and need to be off by 09:00 so an early start for our trip home. The Captains dinner was the best meal this weekend with baked Alaska for desert carried in by the entire crew, a nice touch, there are 35 crew in total. The Captain also came to every table to thank us and wish us a speedy journey home, another nice touch.

    IMGP0902.jpg IMGP0903.jpgIMGP0907.jpg IMGP0908.jpg

    The cabins look quit nice which are they..Taffy


      I like the look of the cabins too. I've never really considered a river cruise, but these blogs certainly whet the appetite.


        Nice photos. It is always good to see photos, especially the cabins. Thanks.
        Cheers Drew and Linda


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