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Drewlin's Danube Delights - Budapest

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    Drewlin's Danube Delights - Budapest

    Unfortunately, our journey has reached its end, but what a finale!
    After leaving Bratislava we sailed the Danube to Budapest and at Gabcikovo we entered “The Big Lock”. When we had sailed through the “Top Lock” at Hipolstein Drew said that he would try and get some better pictures of us in the last lock. They both have a rise/drop of 82ft, thereafter, the similarities end. The Top Lock takes one ship at a time and feels really eerie as you make the climb.

    The Big Lock can take up to six ships, there were three, or maybe four and a half, when we went through. As you can see we shared the lock with the Viking Delling.

    The Boat in front is actually pushing two barges together.

    This lock compared to that at Hipolstein is perhaps less dramatic but is impressive in other ways.

    We continued our sail overnight arriving at lunchtime on Friday. As you can see, the first building that comes into view as you approach the Margaret Bridge is the iconic Parliament building.

    We tied up next to the MS Serenity under the watchful eye of the Church of St Matthias.

    You can imagine our delight when we looked out of our suite window to see the view from our parking spot.

    After lunch we had a tour of Buda starting at the top of the hill at the Church of St Matthias. Next to the church is the Fisherman’s Bastion which has fantastic river views.

    Looks almost like an advert from the television!

    We then went on to Gellert Hill which gave us an even better view over the river with the Chain Bridge.

    Like so many of the buildings visited on this trip the Bridge had to be rebuilt after World War 2. There are a number of picture depicting scenes from Budapest over the years. This is how it looked in 1945.

    We then crossed over to the Pest side and after visiting the Parliament Building the tour drove past the Heroes Square, which we could not walk round as it was been prepared for a horse race around the square.

    After lunch we were free to explore the delights of Budapest on our own.

    Before going for dinner Drew took this photograph from our balcony.

    After dinner we had a musical treat, almost on a par with the quality of the Vienna concert. The traditional dancers were accompanied by a quintet.

    We were treated to a virtuoso performance on the Cimbolin. Although the strings are struck, rather than plucked with a zither, the sound has a similar haunting quality. Had he played “The Third Man” theme, as in the Orchestra’s second encore in Vienna I think those of us who had heard both performances would have gone wild, as it was, the ovation they received was outstanding.

    After the concert. we all retired to the sun deck for our evening cruise along the Danube. The city is great during the day but magical at night, particularly when they play Strauss Waltzes to accompany the journey.

    Having watched the Television Commercials for that well known rival company, this was the highlight many of us had been looking to since the start of the cruise. For the finale to our adventure on Emerald Waterway’s Star it certainly lived up to expectations!

    For more photos https://www.facebook.com/profile.php...e=3&uploaded=1
    Cheers Drew and Linda

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and fantastic photographs. Your incredible journey has finally come to an end but it has been a privilege to share the journey with you. Many thanks
    Queen Mary 2
    Queen Victoria
    Queen Elizabeth


      Yes, great work! How long was the trip?
      See my cruise blog: HERE


        It all sounds wonderful. You really have bought it to life for us.


          Well done just catching up with your blogs..Taffy


            Have a safe trip home, thank you for providing us with such an in depth insight into your cruise, it's been brilliant!


              Thanks for a wonderful, humorous & informative blog. We feel like we have cruised along with you. Excellent!! Have a safe journey home.


                Thankyou for the most wonderful tour of your river cruise and most impressive photos I looked forward to your blogs and enjoyed them so much, they gave me a great insight into river cruising . CG


                  Thank you for your great blog and Photo's, have looked forward to reading and viewing each day. It certainly has given us a feel for River Cruising and something I am sure we would like try for our selfs, one of these days.
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                  Photo Albums





                    I've loved being on holiday with you. One of the best blogs we've had on here.
                    Cruising my way through life!



                      A most enjoyable and informative daily read. Well done for producing an excellent blog with great photos.


                        I have loved reading all of your blogs, the photos are excellent.
                        Are you sure you are not a professional travel writer😄


                          Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

                          Enjoyed it all.


                            Can you let us know when your photos will be up in the Gallery please? I am really looking forward to seeing them all and without repeating all my comment, on your 'Goodnight Vienna' post...

                            Originally posted by Mrs M View Post
                            ...Thank you. It's been a privilege sailing with you both.


                              Hi Mrs M I am hoping to start loading them up today. It is a slow process at one photo at a time plus adding comments. It is a shame that there is still no Emerald Waterways category in photos (admin) so will put them in River cruises/Lady Anne and will post the links as it will be difficult to search for them.
                              Cheers Drew and Linda


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