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Drewlin's Danube Delights - Goodnight (in) Vienna

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    Drewlin's Danube Delights - Goodnight (in) Vienna

    Captain's Blog Emerald Stardate 261.8

    There is a big change in scenery from now till the end of the cruise. We have been treated to some wonderful sights in small towns and villages as we have sail to today’s destination Vienna. We now visit three Capital Cities in three days.

    Vienna looks and feels like a big city, a vibrant capital comparable to London or Paris. Our tour starts with a drive round the Ring which gives us an orientation of the city. The first thing we noticed is the transport system. The city moves using its public transport system and of those that do not use public transport more than half the remainder cycle!

    We enter the heart of the city over what they call “The Danube Canal”. This is a stretch of water linking two parts of the river as it bends its way through the city. To the right is Swedenplatz where our bus will collect us after our walking tour. There are tram tracks, cycle tracks and roads all crossing at this point. There is also one of the city’s main underground stations.

    The first part of the Ring is a wide boulevard with two lanes of traffic, each way, in the middle, then a tram track next to a cycle track and finally the pavement. Everything seems to move swiftly, if only the traffic planners in Wigan could see what could be done (minus the trams)!

    To our left we can see the Stadtpark and the famous statue of Johann Strauss. Various buildings, such as the Imperial Palaces, Opera House, Parliament Building, City Hall etc. are pointed out in a complete loop. We eventually stop at the Imperial Palace Complex. Imagine Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Clarence House all in the one square and you get the answer. We exit into the city where there are Roman Excavations. When you turn around the exterior of the Palace is stunning.

    We then walk through one of the most exclusive shopping areas in the world, but the one shop sign that really caught Drew’s eye was Anna.

    Drew was constantly taking photographs of all the buildings both old

    And new. This building is opposite St Stephen’s Cathedral and you can see the reflection of the tower in the glass.

    We decided we would like to have our photograph taken by the Strauss statue. We asked a nice couple to take our photograph.

    When we uploaded the photograph Drew remembered why you haven’t seen to many of us in the blog. So he photo-shopped us out!

    We walked through the park which was beautiful to a cafe for a beer for Drew and a coffee for me. This photo is much better!

    We made our way back to the ship for lunch. After lunch Drew returned to buy a tee-shirt for his collection from the Hard Rock Café, which we had spotted on our walk.

    This gave him the opportunity to take some more photographs including these of Francis of Assisi's Church, which is near where the ship docks. His favourite building in Vienna and probably the whole trip so far!

    In the evening he went to the Mozart and Strauss Concert that is one of the optional extra tours available on the cruise. He has raved about this ever since! Not only was the programme excellent, but the performance was outstanding. Whilst all of the pieces played, including The Radetzky March as the first encore were wonderful, the orchestral version of the Harry Lime Tune from the film “The Third Man” for the final encore in his opinion was “truly outstanding”.

    He was planning a separate review as Cruisedot’s Arts Critic. However as we have fallen behind with our blogging and we are writing this as we head for our final destination, Budapest he has put this on ice.

    For more photos https://www.facebook.com/profile.php...7555539&type=3

    I will put these photos onto Cruise.dot when home.
    Cheers Drew and Linda

    another good read with pics, thanks.


      Gorgeous buildings. Thank you for these.


        Usual great account of a wonderful cruise and what looks like a beautiful city. Great photos, stunning buildings.
        don't want to work, just want to cruise.


          I have thoroughly enjoyed your river cruise, the great blogs, humour, history and brilliant pictures, Thanks so much!
          Lizzie sigpic


            Another great blog with more fantastic photographs. Many thanks.
            Queen Mary 2
            Queen Victoria
            Queen Elizabeth


              A job VERY well done!
              See my cruise blog: HERE


                Thanks everyone. As we wait on board until our 14.15 pickup for the airport, I'm hoping to post the last ports of call - Bratislava and Budapest.
                Cheers Drew and Linda


                  Thanks for a great blog, and really good choice of photos, I think you will need a nice break now. George.


                    Thank you for one of the best Cruise.co forum blogs I've read. I hesitate to say the best as we have had a couple of brilliant blogs, but yours is certainly 'up there' with the top one or two.

                    I know you had to have a photo posting session before hand and I'm guessing neither of you are journalists so this is a first for you and yet you have both taken the time available and shown us what a good blog can do. You have enjoyed the experience and yet followed the brief to the letter and allowed us to share it with you at all times.

                    Thank you. It's been a privilege sailing with you both.

                    As a non Fb person, looking forward to seeing all your photos.


                      Thanks Mrs M for your kind comments (and everyone else). Neither of us have done a blog before and we are certainly no journalists so we are really pleased that most think that it is 'up there'. Yes it has been time consuming but we have really enjoyed the experience and would happily do it again. I will be posting all the photos to Cruise.dot once home for you and any other non-FB persons.
                      Cheers Drew and Linda


                        I would also like to thank you both for a fantastic blog


                          Hi Drew and Linda, I have today caught up all your wonderful blogs. Well done they were a great read, and superb photos.I loved your Vienna report it took me back many, many years to when I spent two months there.It is one of my favourite cities.
                          Thanks again for taking the time to write the blog.


                            We've gone down memory lane with your blogs - Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, etc. great places. Budapest could be your finale too, enjoy it!


                              Thank you for taking us along on your wonderful cruise....I've enjoyed every minute.


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