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Drewlin's Danube Delights - Passau, Danube cruise and Linz

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    Drewlin's Danube Delights - Passau, Danube cruise and Linz

    Captain's Blog Emerald Stardate 14259.6

    We should have called the Danube Delights the Danube Dash. Trying to write this blog with so much going on is getting really difficult. We are only just posting this section in Vienna.

    Passau is on the confluence of three rivers The Danube, the Ilz and the Inn. This means that it is particularly prone to flooding. As you can see from this photograph they record the high water mark on the walls throughout the city. Look how far up the wall the markings are? The second highest was recorded June 2013 and you can see that the plaster is still drying out! Grahame, the tall gentleman in the photo, who at 2 metres, gives you some perspective, and we thought our flooding was bad last year.

    We had yet again another excellent guide, Rudi, on our walking tour. As we walked around the town, he heard Drew’s Scottish accent and when we arrived outside Convent Niedernburg he told us that St. Margaret who has a chapel named after her in Edinburgh castle (the little one on the hill) is the granddaughter of Gisela, first queen of Hungary. As Drew says ‘he now knows where St. Margaret’s grannie comes from’ – you can take the boy out of Glasgow but not Glasgow out of the boy!
    Our tour took us through the beautiful city to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, another magnificent Baroque cathedral which has the world’s largest cathedral organ. This has 17974 organ pipes and 233 stops including 4 carillons. There are 5 parts to the organ throughout the cathedral, all of which are played from the main console individually or simultaneously. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to hear it played.

    We exited from the Cathedral into a courtyard where we were all admiring what we thought was a lovely mural which was actually a sundial.

    After the tour, we had some free time so Drew walked across the suspension bridge where we were moored to take this photo of the Emerald Star in Passau.

    After lunch we set sail for Linz, passing the mouth of the river Ils

    followed by the point at which the Danube and Inn join

    This stretch of the river is really beautiful; in fact, Drew thinks it is better than the sail down the Rhine Gorge. Better than s*x, he reckons it’s worth at least a nine! Here are a couple of images including the Swarovski encrusted day cruiser.

    For those of you, whose appetite has been whetted and are considering a river cruise, there may be a lively debate as to whether the Emerald Star is better than those of the Viking fleet. In our opinion, the Emerald Star wins hands down!

    We arrived in Linz, late afternoon, and we walked into town. It is only when you are left to your own
    devices and don’t know what you’re looking at, or even more so what you should be looking at, that you really appreciate the quality of the tours and excellent guides that we have had so far. We tied up opposite the new town hall

    As you can see it looks rather impressive in the day light but at night time!

    Ars Electonica is the other side of the bridge from the town hall and at night time is lit up.

    Drew walked along the bank to get this head on shot

    which he took next to the Modern Art Museum (also lit up at night).

    Today's photo count for Passau and Danube is 279 and Linz is 78
    Last edited by drewlin, wigan; 17th September 2014, 02:43 PM.
    Cheers Drew and Linda

    Another great blog full of very interesting details. The pictures are a credit to you. Many thanks.
    Queen Mary 2
    Queen Victoria
    Queen Elizabeth


      Your blogs and photos keep getting better, once again thank you, George.


        Bless you both, you've thoroughly deserved the river cruise, I've really enjoyed reading all about it and looking at your pictures. The places have been amazing, and you've made it sound wonderful......................................... .................................................. ..Carol


          Drew and Linda, With all the excellent publicity you have given Emerald over the past couple of weeks, I think you deserve another free cruise. Only this time, no blogging, just rest, relaxation and recharging your batteries.

          Thanks for the latest blog and great photos. They have reinforced my view of just how wonderful the scenery is in Germany. I keep telling people and they don't believe me. The country has a huge amount to offer.


            Linda and Drew,
            Many thanks for the latest Blog, it brought back memories, we have done this cruise and just loved it. Yes we do believe that Emerald Waterways knock spots of Viking.

            Thanks again.


              Many thanks for the photos & the commentary. I've really enjoyed it.

              Haven't cruise the Rhine but travelled a very scenic railway journey from Cologne to Salzburg this summer. Wonderful!

              You've whetted my appetite for the CroisiEurope Garonne/Dordogne River cruise I'm doing soon. Would like to do a review but there is no facility to add one for the Princesse d'Aquitaine. I've emailed cruise.co & asked for it to be added so hopefully it will.


                I remember the big difference in colours of the water from the various rivers as they mingle in Passau.
                Cruising my way through life!



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