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    Drewlin's - new banner required

    Captain's Blog Emerald Stardate 14258.2

    Having left our Rhine Rambles and Main Meanders behind, those of you who have been on this journey since the Prologue will know we are on the Danube. With our newly acquired German skills you will know that running the words together this section is to be called Drewlinsdaunnerdoondadanube! We could do a BMW and use the initials DDDD. But with so many Australians on board they might think 4D’s is like 4X and think we are writing about all the beer we have been drinking.

    We have had difficulty in thinking of an alliterative heading, but thought we would just use three words starting with the same letter. We thought of calling it Drewlin’s Danube Drivel, but as we burn the midnight oil, composing this rubbish after copious amounts of the excellent complimentary wine perhaps Drewlin’s Danube Dribble might be more apt. However, after yesterday’s trip to Kelheim and Regensburg we have settled on Drewlin’s Danube Delights.

    Most of the ports of call on the cruise are places that we have heard of before. Kelheim was not a name that meant anything. However, this tour is an absolute joy. We were taken by coach to Klosterschenke Weltenburg. As we drove to the Monastery we passed a cycle race. We didn’t see our two cyclists from Miltenberg, but there were dozens of others struggling up the hill. We had to park the coach a 10 minute walk to the Monastery and we all stopped to watch the cyclists cross the river on a little ferry.

    The Benedictine Monastery at Weltenburg is noted for its brewery so after a tour of St George’s Church we were treated to a free beer and a pretzel. It seemed odd drinking beer in the church grounds at 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning – even odder when the beer is provided by the church.

    It's hard to believe that this ceiling isn't a dome but is, in fact, flat! Credit to the artistic Asam brother.

    We then had a leisurely sail on one of the local pleasure craft through the Danube Gorge with fabulous cliffs on either side.

    We docked back in Kelheim and were taken by coach to the Hall of Liberation which is on the top of Michelsberg Hill. This is a memorial built to commemorate the Germany’s victories over Napoleon.

    This is also an excellent viewing point over both the river Danube and the canal.
    It was here that Drew did his bit for Anglo-Deutsche relations when he was asked by a lady if he would take a photo of her group. When she asked if he was English, he told her in his best German that he was Scottish and was then amazed that she asked him about the up and coming referendum! She then explained to her group that the nice person taking their photo was Scottish and he had them all laughing for the photo when he shouted Deutschland 2 Shotland 1! He then had to take photos for 5 other members of the group and I was getting worried as we had to be back at our coach.
    Here is the group –
    Our coach then took us to Regensburg to rendezvous with the Emerald Star which had sailed there during the morning.

    After lunch we had a walking tour round Regensburg. The name Regensburg means Rain Town and is aptly named. This walking tour was relatively gentle, although it took some time to walk round the town. The main attraction is the Gothic Cathedral of St Peter noted for its stained glass windows.

    The windows were mainly removed during the Second World War, but thankfully the town was spared the devastation suffered in other cities along our route.

    In fact the only damage sustained to the windows that had not been removed was caused by the German’s blowing up part of the Old Stone Bridge in an attempt to stop the advance of the Allied troops in 1945.

    The bridge was the start point of our tour. Unfortunately, the bridge is currently being restored so it was not possible to take a photograph. I don’t know why, because Drew has taken photographs of less interesting subjects!

    The Bridge is the oldest in Germany, and it is next to the oldest Sausage Kitchen in the country as well.

    Being so close to the river it is the first building to be submerged when the Danube regularly floods.

    We entered the Old Town through one of the city gates that dates back to the time it was a Roman Garrison. In addition to taking photos of the gate Drew took one of the cobbles!

    The further into Germany I travel the more I am beginning to see why Drew really loves the Country.
    As you can see from the following photos Regensburg is a lovely city.

    After the tour we returned to the ship to be entertained by Hans and Helmut, who were billed as an Oompah Band, but are in fact an Oberfeltz Duo. If we thought that we were missing out on not having a proper Oompah Band we couldn’t have been more wrong. Their musicianship and comedic script had us thoroughly entertained and also educated. They did after all teach the entire audience how to yodel. It is really simple, say Holiday three times and then “Ooo” and keep repeating this getting progressively faster and before you can say Yodelodelideloo you will be an expert Yodeller!

    As you can see they really look the part. Drew tried to buy Han’s moustache as he would like some new handlebars for his bike!

    Today’s photo count is 281
    Cheers Drew and Linda

    Yet another great blog and lovely photos. Do you two ever get to go to sleep?


      Thank you for another great blog, and again some good photos of your trip, thank you George.


        great pics and another good read, thanks


          Another great read with my morning tea, thank you


            Another great blog with photographs that just get better and better.
            Queen Mary 2
            Queen Victoria
            Queen Elizabeth


              Thanks again for your lovely comments. Yes we were late to bed last night as I'd gone to watch Grand Budapest Hotel whilst Drew did the blog (which he has mainly taken over) , resized and uploaded the photos (a job I usually do). However, on returning and finding him in the bar lounge with some new Aussie cousins, his attempt at uploading the photos had gone to pot! So I had to redo it all and it was 1.30am before bed, however, we had a late start today so no problem. We are having fun!
              Cheers Drew and Linda


                Glad you are enjoying it as well as educating us along the way, lovely photo's thank you............................................... ..........Carol


                  Another great read and great photo's, thankyou CG


                    Hi, Drew & Linda, thank for all your blogs and such wonderful photos. I am late in responding as my Internet has been down , plus I have been very busy so not had much time to read all the forum so trying to catch up. Thank you for taking the time to post it is not easy as I well know.


                      That's brilliant. Thank you so much for your blog, it's fab.


                        Morning Drewlin, I'm just catching up on another fabulous blog. Really enjoying our virtual river cruise with you both
                        BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


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