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Drwlin's Main Meander - Nurnberg

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    Drwlin's Main Meander - Nurnberg

    Captains Blog Emerald Stardate 14258.3

    Our trip to Nurnberg was interesting to say the least. We started with a coach tour which took us past the building where the Trials were held. We then went to the Castle where you have great views over the city. Unfortunately the weather was not too kind in the morning. The tour uses the Castle as a viewing platform but does not go into the main part. The great thing about our “receivers” means that Drew can go mooching around whilst still listening to the commentary. Needless to say whilst we were looking out over the city he was looking inside the Castle Courtyard and managed to take this picture.

    We then went to see the Zeppelinplatz, where Hitler held his Rallies. This is next to the Documentation Centre, which is an exhibition telling the story of the rise of Hitler, and the Holocaust. We had limited time here. You would need at least a day to take in all the information. For tourists from outside Germany it is an interesting place to visit. The German’s use it as a centre for teaching today’s youth of the history and the tragic events that ensued. The little we saw reminded us of the horrors that took place. If it is traumatic for us, then how young Germans must feel when confronted with their history, one can only imagine.

    After the visit to the Documentation Centre we returned to the City Centre for some free time. Most of this was spent in the Market Square, as in addition to the normal market there was also a great Flea Market. The main market had mostly food stalls selling fruit and vegetables. There were also a number stalls selling Gingerbread and Flowers.

    We then returned to the ship for lunch. In the afternoon I stayed on board to “work!” on the photos and the blog. Drew went (in deference to our Australian fellow passengers) “Walkabout”. Emerald provide a Shuttle Bus in the afternoon which was well used.

    This enabled him to go and take some photographs around the town. Some of these are below.

    As he was walking back to the coach pick up point he could hear music coming from the Square. So he took a shortcut through a car park, following the sound, and there was this band playing.

    When he told me about it I asked if it was an Oompah Band? He laughed and said that he would have expected them to wear Lederhosen – as they were wearing dungarees they looked more like an Oompahlumpa Band! Still, everyone who could hear them was smiling.

    We had spotted the Toy Museum in the morning and he returned there to take a photograph and was most impressed that they had a life size model of a Bentley outside!

    Even though Nurnberg has a notorious history, it has a certain ambiance that I took to.

    Today’s Photo Count 146

    For more photos - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php...e=3&uploaded=1
    Last edited by drewlin, wigan; 15th September 2014, 12:44 PM.
    Cheers Drew and Linda

    Thanks Linda giving up your afternoon for us, great pictures and a great insight into Nuremburg. CG


      Another great blog with fantastic photographs. Many thanks
      Queen Mary 2
      Queen Victoria
      Queen Elizabeth


        Thanks Linda and Drew for more great photos and information. I know this has been a working holiday, but you have both done the forum proud, by giving up so much of your time. I'm sure the Cruise.dot consultants are receiving plenty of enquiries and bookings thanks to your descriptive and entertaining blog.


          We're enjoying ourselves and although the blogging and photo resizing is time consuming I am quite comfortable sat at the front of the bar overlooking the front of the ship as we sail gently down the Danube. You couldn't ask for a nicer 'office'!
          Cheers Drew and Linda


            Another great read and photos, thank you again, George.


              Originally posted by drewlin, wigan View Post
              We're enjoying ourselves and although the blogging and photo resizing is time consuming I am quite comfortable sat at the front of the bar overlooking the front of the ship as we sail gently down the Danube. You couldn't ask for a nicer 'office'!
              After all your hard work, you deserve a few perks.


                German bread are lovely and healthy. Always enjoy going to the market, just to look at the varieties of bread on sale. Thanks for the interesting pictures.


                  I enjoyed this visit of yours...the only time we've been was for the Christmas market, and it was freezing. We loved the town, but had to spend a lot of time in department stores drinking coffee, for a warm up before treading outdoors again. I do remember the museum, with outside pillars on which were inscribed the bills of Human Rights.


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