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Drewlin's Rhine Ramble - Landed

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    Drewlin's Rhine Ramble - Landed


    Captain’s blog Emerald Stardate 14251.3

    Just a quick post to say we have arrived in Cologne and are having breakfast in our hotel. We had a great flight last night on Germanwings. The plane was not terribly busy, but Drew said we knew which seats were reserved for the German passengers – they were the ones with the towels laid neatly on them (groan!)

    We picked up a taxi and Drew’s German sounded quite impressive as he said “Hapsburgerring, der Barcelo Centrum Hotel Bitte”. I was surprised as we set off from the airport that the lights of the city were across the river to our left but the driver was heading to the right. Drew confidently said that I had to remember that the Germans drive on the other side of the road, and not to worry.

    He looked a little sheepish an hour later when instead of being on the Hapsbugerring we were on the main straight of the Nurburgring!

    Seriously, Tony at Cruisedot did us proud. He had provided a transfer to our hotel, our driver was waiting for us and whisked us in an elegant Mercedes to our hotel. The only bit of German we picked up on the radio during our journey was mention of the result of the Germany, Scotland match. Germany must be really bad, if they can only beat Scotland 2-1! The next piece of music was “Loch Lomond” sung in German, with Drew singing along in Jockanese.
    Our room at the Barcelo Cologne Centrum Hotel was superb, with an excellent view of Cologne Cathedral.

    One problem with joining a cruise part way through the voyage is that the itinerary can change. Originally we were due to spend the afternoon in Koblenz. This meant changing our original flight from Monday morning to the Sunday night. This was on the assumption that the tour round Cologne would be in the morning and sailing to Koblenz at lunchtime with the aim of arriving mid-afternoon.

    When we finally got our confirmation details, Koblenz was not mentioned, nor was there an embarkation time. We thought of heading to the riverside around 10:30, Tony at Cruisedot suggested it would be better to leave it until nearer noon. Thankfully, there was an e-mail address for the boat, so we thought we would e-mail them to ask them when they would like us to embark.

    We had a very nice reply, saying they were looking forward to us boarding. As they were due to dock in Cologne around 12:30 anytime after 13:00 would be fine. Had I turned up at 12:00 with no sign of the boat I am sure there would have been an increase in the Cologne cat population!

    We now have time to do some sightseeing in the morning, leaving us free to familiarise ourselves with the Emerald Star in the afternoon. Drew hopes to be at the river in time for her arrival, affording us the opportunity to get some photographs of her approaching the berth.

    Wifi permitting we will post another blog later giving you the low down on the Emerald Star, with photos. Drew works on the “Machine Gun” approach to photography. Take hundreds of photos and hope you get some good ones! He will upload some photos to the blog each day, with the Top Ten for each destination put on our Facebook page. Once we are home he will edit out those he considers to be poor, and then upload the remainder for you to peruse, should you wish.

    Cheers for now
    Last edited by drewlin, wigan; 8th September 2014, 12:58 PM.
    Cheers Drew and Linda

    Great start. Looking forward to the rest of it.


      I'm laughing already Linda - keep it up!
      See my cruise blog: HERE


        Excellent start Linda, love your sense of humour. Hope you enjoy it, look forward to photos of the Emerald.


          Looking forward to cruising with you, hope you have a great time.............................................. ............................Carol


            We were expecting great things from the Drewlin duo and we're not disappointed. A very amusing blog and we're eagerly awaiting the forthcoming episodes. Don't forget to enjoy the food, the ship and the towns en route. Have fun!


              Cant wait to see and read more,Well done you two! Jan.


                Off to a cracking start👏..next instalment as soon as you like..ta muchly 👍


                  done part of your river danube cruse a few years ago. looking forward to you views/blog.


                    Sounds like a great start to your trip, I like your style of writing Linda and look forward to reading more.


                      Have a fantastic cruise. Looking forward to the blog and photographs.
                      Queen Mary 2
                      Queen Victoria
                      Queen Elizabeth


                        Great start Linda.

                        Looking forward to your reports and Drew's pictures.



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