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    Originally posted by CELEBRITYFAN, YORK View Post
    This is first come first served, you sign up each night if you want to see the picture, there are about 25 seats. and yes they show a movie each night, all different.
    I guessed that it was a small facility. That seems a bit silly - so most people could not see a movie. Were people disappointed?
    See my cruise blog: HERE


      No, no one seemed disappointed there was other things to do in the evenings and you could sign up for other nights if needed.


        Malcolm, you must remember these are very small ships compared to the ocean cruise ships and they really don't have room for a lot of facilities. On a river cruise you must be prepared to be happy chatting to fellow passengers, playing cards, games etc. or reading if the itinerary does not allow you to get off the ship every evening after dinner. I didn't mind this but some passengers did find it a bit boring.Annieb.


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