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My Trip To The Mekong Part 4

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    My Trip To The Mekong Part 4

    To find out what happened yesterday, click here!

    Hello everyone!

    I’m happy to say the wifi is allowing me to update you again and on my last blog I said I would update you on our visit to the Killing Fields and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Musueum. I feel ashamed to say that before this visit I wasn’t aware of the in’s and out’s to Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge history- the documentary we watched in the lounge two nights before our visit prepared me in a good way for it as it can be a shocking and emotional excursion (I’ve included some photographs I took at the KIlling Fields where a large number of people were killed and buried, so please be aware some of them are disturbing!)

    The Khmer Rouge regime was responsible for one of the worst mass killings of the 20th century and was down to Pol Pot, the man that ruled the regime in the years of 1974-1979, and as a result of this 2.2 million died out of 7 million from starvation and execution.

    We first stopped at the Killing Fields where men, women and children were trapped, killed and buried here- the mass graves were a shock to see and we removed our shoes as a sign of respect before entering the building with the skulls of hundreds of victims.


    We also visited the S-21 Detention Centre which was the prison where a lot of the victims were imprisoned in the four years it ruled power.

    I stood in one of the cells where victims would have been tortured and, to give you an idea, the whole cell was the size of just a single bed. Something that was refreshing after the sights of the horrific history was meeting Bou Meng- a survivor and former prisoner of S-21.

    His wife and four children were arrested, tortured and murdered at the killing fields, and he tells his story of being tortured with such strength and honesty. His survival was actually down to his profession- he was a mechanic and was able to fix the typewriter’s that were used to report on the killings. It was incredibly inspiring to be in his presence and personally, my mind kept going back to the thought that if we could even be standing with a survivor of the regime it just shows how recently it all happened and how important it is that we are made aware of the history.

    After returning to the ship it was time for an afternoon excursion to the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda. One thing I can say about this trip is how spectacular the sights are- everything is incredibly picturesque for different reasons (usually because of the grand buildings and temples against the consistently blue sky; the weather has stayed stunning for the whole trip, bar only a few hours of rain on our second night in Siem Reap!)

    We visited the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, the residence to the King of Cambodia, and it’s a very striking place as you can see from the pictures! This was another place our knees and shoulders must be covered as a sign of respect and there were certain things you couldn’t take pictures of so it really is one of those places you have to go and see to experience to the full.

    The Silver Pagoda is attached to the Palace too and a perfect photo moment (its name comes from the thousands of silver tiles that cover the floor inside). I’ve spent a lot of the excursions staring up and around me at the sights and this one was no exception because everything is so golden and spectacular!

    Our evening started with a traditional Khmer folk performance which was fantastic, I’m mesmorised by the dancers! I’m grateful to La Marguerite for keeping our discovery of the local culture going even when we’re on-board, it really makes the whole trip stand out from any one I’ve ever been on.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed my most recent update and I can now officially say we have arrived in Vietnam! So next time I’ll be able to tell you about our first stop in Tan Chau, a small river town virtually untouched by tourism and our visit to an evergreen island, too (plus our cruise comes to an end and we head to Ho Chi Minh City!)

    Until then,

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    Another great blog. The contrast between the Killing Fields and the Royal Palace would be an amazing experience. Although you may have still been shocked by the first visit. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Cheers Drew and Linda


      I am glad you were as prepared as you can be I guess, how traumatic, so horrific!

      The photo's alone bought me to tears. I appreciate you sharing this extraordinary journey.

      Take care x


        Very moving reading about the killing fields ,I was upset when the Documentary by Sue Perkin's covered the same area.

        Thanks though great pictures that gave me pause for thought.... Taffy


          Once more, Brilliant. Its hard to believe that this terrible event happened in the 70,s. Whilst we were discovering the first throws of Punk Rock we were totally ignorant of what these poor souls were going through, Cant imagine the horror they endured. Jan.


            Stunning...........In more ways than one............Wilba


              Sombre what emotions you must have felt I can't imagine. I too have heard of this but knew little about the actual facts so you have broadened my knowledge today, thank you. X
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                Marvellous blogging Millie.
                Thank you.


                  Thank you for this blog Millie. We did this very same trip in February. It is a holiday that assaults all of the senses and your blogs have a been a reminder of it all.


                    Such moving and thought provoking photos and blog. Thanks for sharing.
                    don't want to work, just want to cruise.


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