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My Trip To The Mekong

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    My Trip To The Mekong

    Hi everyone!

    Just thought I'd let you all know that I''ll be heading to Siem Reap later this month (the 29th to be exact) to sail along the Mekong to Ho Chi Minh City. I feel incredibly lucky to be going on this adventure with Travelmarvel by APT- I've heard it's amazing!

    I'm particularly looking forward to the tour of Angkor Thom in Cambodia as all the pictures look stunning and I can't wait to get onto the ship, RV La Marguerite, and check out its recent refurb. I think I'll get some brilliant pictures when we're sailing down the Mekong and crossing into Vietnam, too! And once I get off the ship, I've been told crossing the road in Ho Chi Minh city is an experience to be remembered with the amount of motorcycles over there (there's meant to be over 200 million!)

    So, I thought I'd ask do you have anything in particular you'd like to see from this trip? What sights and excursions are you especially interested in seeing pictures of? I'll make sure I get all of these things for you and I'll be posting daily diaries of my adventure (fingers crossed for the wifi)!

    Until then,


    Sounds a great trip, ----- yes the roads in Ho chi minh city are horrendous , the first time we went it was all bicycles , second time they had all upgraded to motor bikes , be careful , while crossing the road a guy on a motor bike came past and grabbed the camera from around my husbands neck which was on a cord , fortunately it snapped or he could have been dragged along , enjoy your trip look forward to hearing all about it .


      Thanks for the heads up! All the pictures of the roads with all of the motorcyles look crazy so I'll definitely be careful and I'm sure it won't be an experience to forget!

      Thanks again, I can't wait to blog about my adventure for you all


        I am never jealous, nor envious...........Just pig sick.

        That is one trip I would just love to do ...........Wilba


          Hi Millie

          We did that trip in 2014 as part of a SE Asia holiday, it was on La Marguerite if you have any questions happy to try and help

          re. crossing the road our guides told up to just walk in a straight line at the same pace and they will miss you!



            It sounds fantastic - just give us lots and lots of detail.


              It will be an amazing trip, I look forward to any photo's and information you want to share


                Thanks for your interest everyone! I look forward to getting lots of pictures for you and can't wait to be blogging daily for you from the ship!
                Speak soon,


                  We did this trip in January of this year. We went with some friends to celebrate his 70th birthday. We started with 2 nights in Singapore, which is an amazing place. Then we sailed onto various ports in Asia, the mekong river being one of them. You will certainly enjoy it, it was a fantastic experience and I will never forget it. Yes, Ho chi minh city is fascinating and I have never seen so many motorbikes in my life. Our guide actually stopped the bikes so we could cross the street, which in itself was no mean feat. All the other places we went to were equally interesting. We all came home absolutely exhausted from our trip as we were always on the go, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Enjoy


                    I would love to take this cruise. We went to Ho Chi Minh City on an Asia cruise last year. Crossing the road was indeed an adventure. We were on our own there, and developed the plan of getting into the middle of a crowd of locals and walking with them as barriers against the traffic. Cars usually stopped, but not motor cycles, most of which were actually electric.



                      We are going to that part of the world in November.

                      We begin by flying to Hanoi via Hong Kong, where we begin an escorted tour with Wendy Wu, which includes a trip to Halong Bay, Saigon, Mekong Delta & Siem Reap. We are then flown to Singapore to board Celebrity Millenium to do a cruise to Bali (3 days), Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Phuket before flying home from Singapore.

                      It was on cruise dot'd bucket list ad and as I have always wanted to visit Vietnam & Cambodia, we went for it .

                      I will be reading your blog/review with great interest.




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