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APT Canadian Rockies Tour Day 8

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    APT Canadian Rockies Tour Day 8

    APT Canadian Rockies Tour Day 8

    8am and we are all packed and ready to go. We had a choice of activities this morning and have chosen the National Park Ranger Tour with a retired Park Ranger. Wes meets us I'm the lobby and gives us a little explanation of what we are going to be doing and a little about himself. As with every tour guide I have met so far along the way, they are all so passionate about their jobs and really want to leave a lasting impression with everyone they meet.
    We spend the next four hours with Wes as he rushes around some of the park trying to find us some wildlife. We pull up alongside some Elk and he takes all for a walk getting up to only a few meters away and giving us all the chance to get the perfect shot. Along our tour we see plenty Elk, deer, big horn sheep and even a coyote but unfortunately no moose of bears for us. Walking in some awesome spots with some great views the four hours seem to fly by and we are back at the resort and jumping back on the bus sad to leave Jasper but excited too as we are off to Lake Louise for the night and I know this has been the most anticipated stop for most of us on the bus.
    It's not a long drive to lake Louise and as we are all being given our keys we can't wait to see if we have been given a lake view room.
    Score!! A lake view room for me and the views from my room are simply awesome. Unfortunately it's frozen and covered in snow!!! Not able to see it as I had always seen it in the pictures with the beautiful emerald lake. Am I disappointed? Definitely not disappointed, the beauty of this
    Place is that nobody gets the same picture as it's always changing.
    Another quick change and we are all dressed up rather smart this evening and everyone has made an effort even though we are so tiered, the excitement certainly keeps us going.
    Dinner with a view us never been so underestimated, the huge grand windows in our dining room leave us all staring aimlessly out the windows whilst enjoying tart another wonderful meal. It's a four course meal this evening and we are all holding our bellies when we head off to the saloon bar for a quick nightcap before heading off to bed. I wonder if anyone pulled their curtains shut tonight? I didn't simply because I didn't want to miss a second of that view in the morning.

    Tel 0800 408 6119

    The trip from Jasper to Lake Louise is around 240 kilometres and takes you one of the most scenic drives in the world the Ice fields Parkway there are loads of sights to see en route we were also lucky enough to see 3 bears


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