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Is anyone considering the final trip on ocean village?

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    Originally posted by Kelly, Cruise.co.uk View Post
    Hi Grant. I'm really sorry about that, we'd hate to miss out on your business! True, our office is open from 9am (except Sundays when it's 10am). This gives us a chance to logon to all the systems and get ready to go. The lines are always open, and sometimes there is a keen agent in nice and early before we are officially open

    Also I should mention that on launch mornings it can be really hectic and our phone lines can be pretty busy with outbound and inbound calls so the best plan is to get in touch with an agent the day before the launch to discuss your requirements exactly as we won't necessarily have much chance to talk the morning of the launch before it goes on sale!

    So anyone looking to get on the OV farewell sailings... today is the day to get in touch ;)

    Hey! now that's good service!


      More Trouble at OVH

      Just to let you know - OV have not fixed the issue and have pushed the booking day back to Friday!


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