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OV back in business on 2013

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    No it didn't happen but still will I hope.I don't think P&O will have made money going down under with the ships as from a good source I heard they had been in for interior repairs several tims due to damage,caused by drunken passengers.Brenda Titterton,Chesterfield


      Originally posted by brenda titterton, sheffield View Post
      Yes I know they sold the ship but kept the OV logo so that is something.As regards to other ships doing casual alongside formal.On the Braemar (this is the only other ship I can comment on up to now) there were two restaurants that you could go casual anytime,but I must say for the evening meals there was very little choice,it seemed a matter of 'if you can't be bothered to get dressed up,have whats there' and it was almost the same food every night,and for two weeks it became boring.Brenda Titterton.Sheffield
      That's the way to treat riffraff if they want to flout the evening dress code. Give them the same limited choice every night. Bravo Fred.



        Well Harvey,I don't thankyou for referring to me as riffraff.Its not a case of flouting the evening dress code at all.When I have been on a very hot beach all day and in the sea I don't always want to get done up to the nines and look like mutton dressed as lamb as many of them did,I just want a nice meal and a lazy evening.Well I say STUFF FRED,there are many more better ships that don't creak,rattle and roll as Braemar did.You are probably one who sits in the library all day reading books to make sure you win the quiz at night.We recently went on Carnival Miracle,that was BRILL and there were dressy evenings but the atmosphere was great.We only went on Braemar because at the time it went to some places in the caribbean we hadn't been to.Brenda Titterton.Chesterfield


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