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Photos Ryndam Sail Away from Harwich following Norovirus Outbeak & Deep Clean.

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    Photos Ryndam Sail Away from Harwich following Norovirus Outbeak & Deep Clean.

    A few photos of HAL Ryndam sailing away from Harwich last night, after returning a day early from its previous cruise for a deep clean, having developed an outbreak of Norovirus on board.

    Should have sailed at 4pm but did not leave until 6:10pm.

    Was a lovely late afternoon/early evening, sitting on ha-penny pier watching the shipping, taking a few photos and awaiting Ryndams departure, the sea breeze helping to keep us cool from the heat of the sun.

    A number of the people on the pier knew the ship had a deep clean, although this made me chuckle, when a gentleman explained to his friends, and anybody within earshot what had happened to the ship.
    He explained them that the ship had developed Norovirus at its last port of call, they kicked all the passengers off, whilst they fumigated the ship. The ship was then impounded and brought back to Harwich a day early, where it was held in quarantine for two days whilst they carried out a deep clean.

    Also in light of a conversation on another thread re insurance for bicycle users. Spot the bicycle on the last two photos, I took of the lightship moored permanently opposite the Pier Hotel, Harwich. Do you reckon the owner of the bike does a few laps around the deck each night. Lol.

    Spot the Bicycle.

    Last edited by Delboy, Essex; 5th July 2015, 04:50 PM.

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    Lovely pictures Del, looks like a great way to spend an evening........................................... ................Carol


      I read on another cruise site, that Ryndam was blighted by Norovirus on the cruise prior to the recent one that returned a day early. Let's hope they have finally eradicated the virus.

      I haven't seen anyone cycling around the deck of a cruise ship, but on one cruise, I shared a table with a young couple who were travelling with their folding bikes. As soon as the ship docked they were up and away, before most passengers had even had breakfast. They had some great adventures and at dinner every evening we loved hearing about their daily escapades ashore.


        More great photos, Delboy. Crisp and clear as usual. Beryl


          Great photos Delboy.


            Fab photo's Del, thanks for sharing them!


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