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HAL Volendam

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    HAL Volendam


    We are cruising for the 1st time on the Holland America Volendam and are wondering how casual are the casual nights? For example how prevelant are jackets or are short sleeve shirts the order of the evening? or for the ladies dresses v t-shirt & slacks?

    Our experience on Oosterdam, Oct 2009 west coast Mexico; casual for men = short sleeve shirts, no jackets, smart casual trousers, ladies = smart T shirt or blouse with lightweight slacks/cut offs or skirt. There were passengers in "well used" T's & jeans but they were a minority and stood out as such. Pack what you would feel comfortable for a casual dinner with friends at your local restaurant. The only caveat I would offer is that the dining rooms can be too cool from the airconditioning. Richard B


      I would say it depends where in the world you are. The caribbean is more informal than, say Alaska or the Baltic. I never 'do' very informal. My husband would wear dark casual trousers [never jeans] and an open neck long sleeve shirt. My informal would be floaty long trousers, camisole and floaty over shirt or a long floaty dress but NOT a gown. We have cruised Holland America for twenty years.


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